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5 Best Tools to Perform Competitive SEO Analysis as a Professional

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SEO Competitors

As the title clearly telling everything in first view that post is about the ways to analyze your Competitor.

Today I am going to show you how to analyze your Competitor to beat him and to find the weakness of your Competitor each weakness of you Competitor give you a chance to fight with him and beat him. Blogging is other name of competition so keeping an eye your Competitor is also a part of blogging.

Competitive analyzes allows you to:

  • Analyze your competitors to check what better they are doing. So you can make a strategy that is best then your competitors
  • Gain valuable perspective about your company’s standing in your industry
  • Checking value of your company in any your industry and also checking your competitors value
  • This analyzing process not only tells your competitor weakness but also show you how to overcome your problems.

Why you Need to Know Competitor Strengths and Weaknesses?

When ever you try to launch a product or services or anything else that you want to rank in search engine, then you have to do proper research that who are your competitors, in others words who are already dominating on this keyword. This will allow you to know how much competition is and how much SEO work you need to do to beat your competitors.

Now stop waiting:

5 ways to analyze Your Competitor:

There are some online tools that are used for this purpose. By using them, you can easily check your competitor ranking, weakness and also your own blog weakness.

1: Quicksprout

Developed by Niel Patel from India he is a well known personality in the field of blogging and SEO .He is also a co-founder of KISSmetrics, Hello Bar and Crazy Egg. Quicksprout Analyzer tool is a very useful tool for every webmaster. It not only point out your errors but also provide you recommendations to solve them In this way this tool make the life of a blog very easy.

Use of this tool:

  • SEO analyzer
  • social media analyzer
  • competitor analyzer
  • speed score
  • SEO recommendation
  • speed recommendations
  • check website responsiveness

2: Woorank

Let’s meet with the CEO of Woorank website. His name is Boris Demaria .

This is a very simple online tool that provides SEO and website analyzes for bloggers and marketers to check their ranking in their industry. You can also install their extension on chrome and Firefox to get instant analyze of any website. These extensions are available of their website

Use of this tool:

  • you can also Get help from a Certified Expert
  • SEO stats and recommendations
  • check responsiveness
  • Speed Tips
  • Social stats
  • competitor analyzes


This is my favorite tool. It is also available in paid or free version you can also get 15 days free trail. This is a product of SEO quake a very popular browser extension. This website is also used to analyze your blog and to compare it with your competitor’s blog.

Use of this tool:

  • competitor analyzes
  • organic search stats
  • backlinks stats
  • referring domains
  • Keyword Difficulty

4: Open Site Explorer –MOZ

This tool is launched by MOZ that is big authority website. This tool is very well optimized to use and has very nice design. This tool mainly focus on you backlinks and also give small suggestions about link building. By using this tool you can check your domain authority, page authority .And your website backlinks. You can also compare link metrics by using Open Site Explorer.

Use of this tool:

  • Inbound Links
  • Just Discovered Links
  • Top Pages
  • Linking Domains
  • Compare Metrics
  • Spam Analysis!
  • CSV reports

5: Alexa

If we go towards the history of Alexa it was founded 1996 as a sub association company of .As you know is ecommerce network but Idea of Alexa is totally differ from it .Alexa is a website that show the websites rankings .It provide two types of ranking worldwide ranking or countrywide ranking .we can simply define Alexa as a website that shows website rankings according to their traffic and demands is called as Alexa .Other uses of Alexa are given below.

 Use of this tool:

  • Site Comparisons
  • Ranking of website
  • Audience Geography
  • Bounce Rate
  • Daily Page views per Visitor
  • Top Keywords from Search Engines
  • backlinks
  • site speed
  • Who visits your website like %male,% females etc


After using these tools, you can get very deep analyzes of a website if you use all of them .Now what to do. The strategy is very simple check your weakness and your competitor’s weakness and spends time to overcome these problems. I hope you will get good results.

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3 thoughts on “5 Best Tools to Perform Competitive SEO Analysis as a Professional”

  1. Hi Abdullah Ejaz,
    First of all thanks for sharing this useful post among latesttutorial readers. You have mentioned some of the good online tools for SEO professional, but you have missed one important one, SEMRUSH (a keyword research tool) which is also the first step to start SEO of a website. I hope you will add it in at the time of updation of this blog post.

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