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Event Calendar Plugins For WordPress

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Calendars have been a crucial part of human society for thousands of years. Our whole lives revolve around what day it is; the days of the week can even influence our moods (we all hate Monday but are quite delighted when the weekend cometh!). Needless to say this tendency has transferred to WordPress. Many sites require calendars and WP is providing tons of useful tools so you can add a calendar to your site. Make no mistake – even though most of the tools are free, they are absolutely amazing. Don’t think even for a second that you will have to use the premium options (you are free to do so should that be your choice, but it’s really not necessary). Here are some of the more useful calendar plugins for WordPress.
calendar plugins for wordpress

Top 4 Best Event Calendar Plugins For WordPress:

Booking Calendar

Function meets style in this puppy! Booking Calendar is one of the best calendar plugins you can find on WordPress. Its utility is undeniable and can be used in different contexts. If you need booking, or your site is dealing with online payments for one reason or another, this plugin can help you sort things out. It has a booking system, as well as a payment system so it should be sufficient enough to provide assistance in the field of, well – booking. You can also use it for appointments. The plugin is really easy to use and works great. The interface is aesthetically pleasing and fits well with most website themes.

The Events Calendar

Aptly named “The Events Calendar”, this plugin provides you with a great tool for managing different events and meetings you might have. It even has a Google Maps integration to help you out with those meetings’ locations and even management. The plugin comes in two flavors – free and premium. The free version provides lots of basic options so the premium is not really needed. The premium gives you more advanced tweaks, however, so you might want it, if that’s your thing. Overall, it’s a great plugin and if you need to plan many events, it’s paramount that you install this online digital helper.

AJAX Calendar

One of the simplest, yet most effective and functional plugins for WordPress as far as calendars are concerned, AJAX has all the basic functions you can ever need. It also gives you the unmitigated opportunity to view different months directly and without refreshing the pages. It’s an easy to use tool with a basic interface but if you don’t anything too fancy, this is the plugin for you.

Calendar Publisher for WordPress

If you own a blog, then this is the perfect calendar for you. It enables you to schedule the day and even time of different posts so you know when you have to publish what. It’s especially useful if you’re accepting guest posts and need some kind of system to manage your content. With this you can sort through your guest posts and decide which of them you are going to post at the present moment and which of them in the future. This plugin will make sure you don’t forget and also that you don’t mess up your content. It’s a rather useful little plugin.
These are the more popular calendar plugins for WordPress. Everything you might need should be on the list.

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