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Get Started With Blogging On WordPress With 7 Facile And Lucid Steps

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In the contemporary era of tough and competitive market, the easiest way is to acquire an identity is to start a blog. Dozens of blogging tools are available as per the demand of IT freaks and therefore, PC world has rated a many of them. Among all these versatile tools, WordPress is the most popular one. With an equal aplomb, WordPress allows you to develop a blogging platform for various means, such as for professional, personal and for welfare too. Just scale your needs and with the latest version of WordPress, enjoy creating your own blog. 
blogging on wordpress
The latest version of WordPress has evolved with lots of excellent features that will definitely meet your personal or professional needs. There are a plethora of leverages that you can easily encounter within WordPress such as multiple file uploading, powerful media management options, photo gallery support, a new appearance and much more. Additional features can also be encompassed as it supports a host of widgets and plug-ins. 

Get Start Blogging on WordPress:

There are some primary necessitates to start the blog on a platform fully-fledged with appropriate tools. A few of them have been listed as follows:

  • A web hosting account accompanied with PHP latest version of PHP and MySQL.
  • MySQL database so that you can store your data. Develop your database during WordPress installation process.
  • A text editor and that could be Notepad or Text Edit. A straightforward text editor can also output the high quality results as compared to a full-blown word processor.
  • Next thing, you are required to have is an FTP client such as CyberDuck or FileZilla in order to simplify and elevate the procedure of uploading files of WordPress to hosting service.
  • Moreover, you will also need an image editor, however, it is optional, but it plays a vital role if you want to create customized themes. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an excellent and absolutely free option and it also includes many more features.


Pile up your resources:

Stack up all the information relevant with your domain name, credit card and other important elements. What else you need is your precious time. You can also make the registration for your domain as it is easy and cheaper as well.


Stimulate your hosting account:

Your hosting account will act as an elevator which will “live” your blog. This will be used as a server in the cloud, that is, a remote computer, where you need to rent your space so that you can install WordPress software and can manage your complete blog. It may be possible that it might sound you quite complicated, but actually it is not. They are just a piece of cake for a aspired blogger also. 

Internet is catering thousands of hosting services, thus, enjoy choosing the best one. Just enter your domain name in the box placed at the left-most position and then choose an appropriate extension (.com, .biz and what so ever). Click the Next button and proceed. Fill up your account details and follow it with selecting an appropriate package for yourself. You will get the prices ranging from $4.95 to $6.95 per month. All these offered packages will depend on the length of your commitment.

Install WordPress:

Do not get confused with the number of buttons at this stage as it is superficially facile. Anyone with non-coding background can also do this. Just scroll down the page and visit the page “Website builders”. Click one to WordPress logo and hold on for the new page until it loads. After this, you might be at the page fully enveloping the scripts. Again, do not get overwhelmed.  Just click on to “Wordpress logo” placed under blogs. 


Access your new blog:

Simply, click on to the URL address of the blog so that your new blog can load on a new browser tab. As you can notice, there is absolutely nothing exciting here. WordPress use a highly standard theme which is taken as a default. It is not an issue, as it is the beauty of WordPress. However, you can also choose a best theme among a gigantic pool of WordPress themes.


Log in to WordPress:

Log in option is placed right at the lower side of the sidebar. Clicking on this and feeding all the necessary details will redirect you to the further pages of the website. 


Compose your first post:

With Add New option that is located on the Menu, navigate to the New post screen. Enter all the details such as Title, body of the content and whatever you would like to add.


Bookmark your blog:

It has high probability that you will visit your blog on the regular basis, so it would not a bad idea, if you will bookmark your blog or a few pages of your blog. You can bookmark a few important pages such as front-end and back-end as well. 

This is how following these easy steps can help you in building your own blog without any complexity and other issues. Just play with these blog building steps and enjoy blogging by exploring your ideas and business.

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  1. hey, I m new to wordpress, Can you recommend me some important Free Plugins for my Blog, and what do you say about my theme, Just now i use plugin named Yoast.

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