Get Traffic to a new blog

How to Get Traffic to a New Blog

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So you have started a new blog. Congratulation…!!!.The next thing is readers. We know you have less but we can help you. Now a day’s many bloggers are facing this problem. This is one of the worst problems that most of the bloggers are facing now. Visitors are like the blood of your blog, if you want to get your product on the shelf’s or want to make some handsome money through your websites, then a lot of traffic is must for your blog. So now we are here to show you that how to get traffic to a new blog.

1. SEO

Yup again SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We can say that SEO is the health of your website. SEO is one the most essential thing to do first. You can do SEO at your own by submitting your website to Google and Bing search engines. Submitting a sitemap is also an important task, and at the end you have to install SEO plugins. We prefer you to use WordPress instead of Blogger because it has too much customization option. If you want to get traffic to a new blog then this is must.

2. Social integration

Social Networks are one of the best way to make your website visible in the world of internet. There are a lot of social websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pin trust, Google+, Delicious. You can use all of these social networks for promoting your blog. You can use Social networking buttons with your blog posts. This is one of the best way to get traffic to a new blog. Use social networking buttons with your articles, and use them at the side of your blog the more people will like website the better you will receive.

3. Content

Content is King. Good and well written content is the key to get traffic to a new blog. Unique content will attract more visitors, because people want some different and great, Your English should be good otherwise you will not be able to get unique visitors for your new blog. Your grammar should be also great. You have to make your content without any type of errors. You have to write 700+ per article proper keywords are also very important. Just remember these three things.

4. Video’s

You may think that videos are not related with this topic but it is. So how you will get traffic to a new blog with some videos? The answer is that you can describe everything about your product or website. It is one of the best way to drive decent traffic to your blog. You can upload your videos to YouTube, DailyMotion, Viddler, Metacafe and lots of others websites. Just upload your video to one of these video file sharing website with proper description and tags then you will surely get traffic to your new blog from these websites.

5. Domain Name

We know that everyone has some financial issues, but if you will pay some bucks then it will pay you for a long run. Domain name is the key to your new visitors because most of the people on search engines write (.com) instead of (WordPress or blogger) you can buy (.com) domain name at Host Gator or WordPress. You can get your domain name in just 2 to 4 $ per month or buy it for one year. Domain name can play a vital role to get more traffic from search engine.

6. Participation

You can drive more traffic to your blog by making relationship with forums and other blogs. Try to make a great relationship with your friends that are working in the field of blogging. You can get traffic to a new blog by sending your website’s URL’s with your friends. Try to sign up on forums which are related with blogging and SEO. It will increase your knowledge about Blogging and SEO.

7. Relationship

Try to make a relation between your visitors. Write everything clearly and well written. If one of your visitors asked any question about anything then you should answer him as soon as possible. It will make them happy, and your chances of getting more traffic to your blog will be doubled. Just make sure you will not make them rude because it will decrease your reputation and then you will be failed.

8. Design

This is like the clothes of your website. Just imagine a person with dirty clothes will it be attractive for anyone? Of Course not. If you want to get traffic to your blog then a good website design is must. You can buy a decent template in just 25 to 50 dollar. Just make sure that your website design is attractive and user friendly. Well-designed Template is the way to get traffic to a new blog.

9. Show off

This is not that type of Show off. The word show off means that place your top comments at the side of your website. It will increase your reputation and you will get more traffic to your new blog. Just make sure that you only place the Top comments not the comments that were asking. It may result in loss of your reputation.

10. Subscribe us (Widgets)

This is a great way to get traffic to a new blog. You can add ‘’Subscribe us’’ widgets at the right side of your blog. Try to write something attractive like that ‘’Get our articles directly in your inbox’’. It will work like a charm and soon you will a lot of subscribers. The more you have subscribers the better you will get.


We have described everything clearly. If you will follow all the steps above then you get traffic for a new blog. Just make sure that your website is SEO friendly. Your theme should be well designed try to spend a few more bucks for a great theme that suits your website title. Just target on one thing don’t put everything in just one basket. Try to make some great relationship with your readers this will make them happy. Be wise with your visitors, describe everything clearly, Spend more bucks on Domain name as we say above it will pay you for a long run. Remember everything and you will get some decent traffic for your Blog.

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7 thoughts on “How to Get Traffic to a New Blog”

  1. Thanx waqas for such a nice post!!!!!
    I a new blogger and want to know abt how to add Google plus authorship in my blog…
    And one thing howvcan I made rich snippet like giving rating in the format of star or vedio thumbnail..

  2. Hello Waqas, Traffic is really important for every blog whether it is new or old, without traffic a blog can not survive in the blogosphere. All the points you have mentioned in this article is very helpful especially for a new blogger. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful article with us.

  3. Really a nice post…very helpful for newbies..!!
    you are suggesting for WordPress not blogger ..really WordPress is much better than blogger, no doubt but i think blogger is better option for newbies because it has many benefits regarding seo including hosting issues…

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