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Fast Google Adsense Approval Trick 2015

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As you know that Google Adsense is a source of revenue for every blogger and webmaster, Google Adsense is a highest CPC (cost per click) network, there are so many alternate of Google Adsense are available but no one such as, but one thing which we also know that now Google Adsense approval is so hard, even when I was started my blogging career back in 2008, I had only one or two articles and I get approved by them, but now I have more than sixty articles I can’t get Adsense.
Google Adsense approval tricks
Lot of bloggers complains me that they can get Adsense, so guys first of all learn what Google Adsense is? Then apply for it, if you will apply without reading term and conditions of it you will never get Adsense, so I decide to give you tutorial about approval tricks and what you should have on your blog or website if you want to get Adsense.

Google Adsense Approval Trick:


Website Age:

Your website should 6 months old, I think if you have 4 months old website then you can get Adsense very easily, lot of bloggers can not wait of this duration and due to lack of knowledge they can get and google rejects them, So, if you want to get Adsense in really words then your website should 4 or 5 months old.

Website Traffic:

Traffic is blood of your website, if you have bundles of traffic then you are illegible for it other then no, you must have approximately 300 to 400 visitors per day and more than 60% should come from search engines, first of all optimize your website well and get more visitors, when you have this then go and apply for it.

Unique Articles: 

You should have self written articles, if you have copyright material on you website or blog, they will reject you by giving copyright notice, so you have to do some real work if you desire to get it, never copy and type of data from any website, if you have unique and original contents on your blog then you are strong user to get Adsense.

Textual Articles:

You can not get Adsense on Wallpapers, Songs, Movies etc. website, Textual Articles is must for you, if you don’t have textual articles on your website then they will reject your application by give “Insufficient Contents” message.

 Policy, About us and contact Pages:

You must have these pages on your website, lot of webmaster tells me that lot of peoples doing this silly mistake due to which they can’t get, so if you are rejecting after and after by Adsense then apply this tip and see what happen, hope you will get it after doing this.

 Website Design:

Your website should easy to navigate, don’t use to complicated theme or template, always keep your website user friendly and easy to read, if you don’t have Adsense will never accept your application because it personal experience, don’t use too many colored theme or template keep it simple and clean.


So guys Google Adsense approval process it not complicated as bloggers or webmasters thinks, if you have above requirements I assure you that you can get it easily, but you have to maintain all above requirements.
So let me tell that how you got Adsense, must share you ideas with us, if you are still struggling to get then must drop your problem in comment, I will give you better suggestion for next step, hope you will enjoy this article, please take 5 seconds and share with others. Enjoy Earning With Adsense 🙂

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49 thoughts on “Fast Google Adsense Approval Trick 2015”

  1. Dinesh Ramakrishnan

    Finally got Google adsense for my site i’m very happy now.Thanks for this nice post bro. 🙂

    1. Dinesh how did you pass the approval, i heard Google are rejecting Tech related blogs.i have been trying and failing the second approval.would you mind giving me some pointer to follow..


  2. hello waqas this is great article but my google adsense account is keep on disable.First when i just apply it says ok taking review of your site.Then message came congratulation ur adsense is now approve after few days like 5-10 they disabled it.Dont knew why i just traffic also it all come from search engine..
    Can you help me how to get it back !!!
    Thank you

    1. Adsense has own policies, may be your site doesn’t meet requirement of adsense, or may be possible of fake clicks, after disabling your account adsense team will mail you reason of disabling, check it….

  3. faidah mimbantas

    yeah.,one more question here please.,if ever, like me for instance i’ve been blogging for months and i’ve stopped for several consecutive months also. now im thinking of doing blogging again and continue to post with my blog site. can i still apply for adsense with that site i’m using. and by the way i have applied for adsense and they disapprove me because of not active i guess.

  4. Hi dear hope u fine. this is my site URL Google has suspend my account of Google absence i think is the invalid activities. Sometimes i have clicked at Google add by default. But my site indexes are more than 56000. So the traffic rate is very slow 10 to 15 visitors. so please guide me in any secret to enhance my traffic site.

  5. Hi Waqas, Thanks for sharing details.

    I am working on website which is 3 months old and getting 400+ visitors daily. I have following question for you, Can you please answer the same?

    1) Do we always need to use our own Images? I heard that using Images from other website is not allowed, even if there is no water marks. If there is no water marks then how google will identify which website Image is orignal and which is not.

    2) Its been only 4 months my website went live But I registred my domain 6 months before Wil Google Check for Domain Age or Website Live Date?

    3) I have another qtn for you. From last 2 weeks I am getting 400+ visitors on my website but before that I used to get around 150 visitors. So how google will count the visitors? Is it by Average or it will check the latest trend only?

    Please suggest me, Should I wait or apply for AdSense Account Now?

    1. Thanks Rahul,
      1) Never host you images on other website, it is as just you are moving your traffic toward other website, Google know real and duplicate image, If one image already uploded on Google and you want to upload it again then Google will not consider it real.
      2) Domain Age
      3) They have their own tools to count traffic.
      Try it may you can get…

      1. Hi Waqas, Thanks for prompt response.

        Actually I am using images from other website and there is no proof that the image belongs to some other website. Will Google know that the images does not belong to me?? If yes, Should I remove all images that I used from other website? and what if i vae used Youtube Video Link?

          1. Hi Waqas, My website got rejected twice. I followed each and every step n your website. Can you plz check what is the issue with my website TvkiDuniya,com

  6. Hi Waqas brother. I want to apply for adsese and I received 500 visitro/ day and 70 % from Google search Engine. can I apply for adsense

  7. Hello Waqas, My adsense account is hosted under youtube, is it stable to use hosted adsense account or I need to apply for a fresh individual adsense account ??? 🙂 plz must help :'(

  8. Thanks Friend for this great info. My Site is still new so I will wait for few more month than apply for Google Adsense.

  9. Hi WAQAS AHMED, this is my website.i tried four time for Google Adsense.but i did not approved. my website age is one year and its have more than 150 post. so plz advice me how to improve my website.

  10. assalamualaikum sir,

    as you said in above comments,

    “Never host you images on other website, it is as just you are moving your traffic toward other website, Google know real and duplicate image, If one image already uploded on Google and you want to upload it again then Google will not consider it real.”

    am using a blog(blogspot) what i have to do for images ,i have to create it by my own or where i have to host

  11. ohh i got it now i have also kept songs in my website now i will remove it and apply for adsense but in my website that is had only about 15 posts about wordpress and blogging will he approve?

  12. Thanks you are are doing a good job …sir i have a large number of views but in absence account but here is no earning why ?

  13. recently i created i new blog and applied for google adsence after 4 days and google disapproved
    can i again appllied for the google ads for my blog after 6 months
    your article is very helpful for me thanks

  14. Akintayo Yusuff

    This is my question and i will be glad if u can reply me quickly:
    (1)-can a nigerian apply for a google adsense coz nigeria is not among the country listed in the selecting country section.
    (2)-how can i know dat d search engine stuff is almost 70%.
    (3)-wat is a postal or zip code.
    (4)pls help me check if my blog is qualify about the themes

  15. To get approval you should have unique content written on your own and should contain information for readers. If you include company name or services your blog gets rejected. Content with general information are only approved. No need of contact page or privacy policy nor traffic but only unique general contents

    1. Create Gmail account, Go to Google Adsense sign up page, add your complete information and submit your information. After they will review your application and finally you will get response through your email.

    1. 6 months in Google policy, but you can get before 6 months and may be you can’t get after 6 months, so depends on the quality of website, age does’t matter, quality of site matter much.

  16. Dasangam Rahul

    Hey WAQAS,
    You gave nice tips on how to get Google Adsense Approval Easily.I will follow the above techniques and hope i get my adsense easily.thanks for shar

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