AdSense Approval Tricks 2014

Google AdSense Approval Tricks 2014

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After a long time, I am going to write an article about Google Adsense. Lot of newbie’s ask me thousands of time that how to get Google Adsense? So I feel that I should write an article that how you can get Google Adsense in 2014.

Actually there are some requirements for Google Adsense. There is no such magic stick to get Adsense. If you want to get Google Adsense account for your blog or website then you have to fulfill Google requirements otherwise Google will never allow you Adsense Account.

No doubt that favoritism and nepotism going on by Adsense for some countries, like Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, Indonesia and few others. I personally examine this thing few days back; I was applying for Google Adsense from Pakistan and every time I rejected. I contact with my friend who is in Australia and I applied from there, within few hours I got Adsense. Anyhow, I think this is a good initiative by Adsense because these countries are top in the violation of Google Adsense policies, and even those people who are working fair not getting Adsense due to overall situation that I described above.

Here are some best tips to get Google Adsense account. If you are fulfilling these requirements, then Adsense in your hand, but before going to apply for Google Adsense, Please must read Adsense program policies first.

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AdSense Approval Tricks 2014

1. Traffic/Source of Traffic

Traffic on your blog is very essential. If you don’t have any visitor, Google will not allow you Adsense Account. You must have at least 400-500 visitors per day on your blog. Lot of new bloggers asks me that we are getting more visitors than that but still we are not getting Adsense. So answer is very simple, if you are getting traffic from one source like Facebook or from any other source you will not get Adsense. You must have traffic from search engine.


2. Website Contents

You should have high quality contents on your website. You need to publish copyright free article on your website or blog. If you are publishing spin or copyright articles, then forget to get Adsense account. It’s very clear policy of Adsense that they are not allowing Adsense on copyright material. So try to produce high quality contents that should pilgrimage free.

Another thing that you should keep in your mind, that your blog or website should include textual material, not wallpaper of something like that. Your each article should be more than 500 words. Google will not allow you on wallpaper blog.

3. At least you should have 40-45 posts.

You should have 40-45 high quality articles. High quality means articles should not be copyright; articles should be well optimized, and articles should be at least 500-600 words.

4. Domain Age

Adsense policy is that your domain should be six months old, but this is not fixed period. If you have well optimized blog and you are getting good traffic, then you can get Adsense before that, and if you don’t have a good blog, even you can’t get after six months. Anyhow, this is the policy of Adsense that domain should six months old.

5. Site Behavior

Your website should easy to navigate and crawl. Mean your website should be easy to explore for both, user and crawler as well. Your site should not contain malware or contain pop-ups that can disturb to user or crawl to navigate your website. Your site should not redirect users to unwanted websites and also not force the reader to download anything.

6. Use the Top Level Domain

.Com domain name will be more effective to get Adsense. Anyhow, domain name not playing any vital role, but still commercial domain name is very handy for that.

7. Select Best Hosting

Always Choose well reputed hosting plan. Avoid using cheap hosting; it will destroy your all efforts. Choose hosting like Hosgator, Godaddy, BlueHost, etc.

8. Don’t Use Crack Theme/Template

Choose premium theme or template instead of cracked. Simply Adsense hates any crack item on your blog or website.

9. Necessary pages, Contact Us page, About Us and Private policy page.

Add these three pages; these are essential pages on your website. It will show that your site is real not fake.

10. Disable other Ads.

Before going to apply for Adsense, Please remove all the other ads if you are using. Just make sure to Google that your site meets all the requirements for Google Adsense.


Never purchase Google Adsense Account from anyone, they people are makeing Accounts with fake ways and sooner or later your Account will ban because Google not selling Adsense Account. Here I capture two examples for you, please don’t go for such these things.

Purchase Google Adsense Account


These are some tricks to get Google Adsense. Before going to apply, please must read these instructions very carefully. If you will not apply these tips on your blog, believe me forget to get Adsense in 2014. You don’t have Adsense? Don’t frustrate, try to work hard, do better SEO on your blog and apply these tricks.

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31 thoughts on “Google AdSense Approval Tricks 2014”

  1. Nice article I know that google adsense pay high amount for per click. But if you are not getting approval then do not worry there is too many adsense alternative in market. But make sure that you have a good seo work on your blog or website. I want to tell you my account of google adsense was blocked. I was very disappointed But i not left mt seo work for my blog. After 1 year I had 25000 visitor on my blog per day. I am using not using google adsense I am using another adsense alternate and making 7$ per day. This amount will to 25$ per in next 6 months. But if you have google approval then you can make more money.

  2. how to apply for AdSense without website using YouTube account . how much videos should I upload how much views will I need to get approved by AdSense and how much money can I Earn…?

  3. Great tips..!! But in 2014 The adsense approval requires a little more than the basics .. I have got to know that Google is not accepting the adsense applications in overcrowded niche such as tech niche or a product review websites.. Be wise and smart to choose niche before doing the Hard work..

  4. Hi I recently applied for google adsense and my blog got approval I waited for six months but I’m happy that it got approved

    1. I can’t find any specific problem but now they are accepting only high quality websites, mean websites having 100% unique articles, have visitors and website should be more than 6 months old.

  5. Zeeshan Bhatti

    Dear Waqas Ahmad sahib,

    you need to some changings in your About Author

    his in place of him


    He in place of I

    please take a look below

    Waqas Ahmed is founder of this blog, I am a professional blogger, web designer, developer & SEO expert. Find him on Facebook | Twitter | Google +

  6. I don’t agree with most of your point. I only agree on 2,4,6,9. I got an account approve for my customer with max 6 to 8 post, with out traffic, using blogger blog aged of 2 weeks..

  7. Good points Waqas, very useful techniqe. But I couldn’t understand why you had to apply from Australia not from your native place?
    Does this acceptable for Adsense. Btw, thanks.

  8. I had hosted account,when i applied tld ads disappeared, someone told me i need to get approval for full account, my blog is 2 year old , articles are not copied, traffic is bit low.they are not approving

    1. They have different policies for different countries, if you are from india, so it’s bit harder to get Adsense in india but i’m not saying that impossible, keep sharing quality contacts hopefully you will get soon.

    1. If you want to come into blogging, then you should keep in mind that blogging is your business and you have to make it your career. If you take blogging seriously, you can make it your career.

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