Traffic From Facebook

7 Ways to Drive More Traffic From Facebook

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Facebook is one of the sites that has shown the fastest growth over the last few years and has become the biggest social networking site on the internet. It even outranks Google these days in terms of traffic received.

Currently there are more than 500 million active Facebook users and more than 50% of these active users log on to Facebook in any given day. That is a big chunk of people to market to!

Traffic From Facebook

Facebook is not the first social network but it is the most popular one. If you are using Facebook to promote your business that it may healthy weapon for your business. Facebook now a day’s world top website even then Google also. Now you could imagine that how can help a world top rank website to your business or your website. Facebook is considering backbone in web traffic, peoples tired to get traffic from search engines they want to get traffic quickly which is not a bad idea at all. But unfortunately lot of newbie webmaster don’t care about that, peoples use Facebook for just entertainment or just for chatting and friendship which is just time wastage, Use Facebook properly and achieve you goal.

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1. Your Profile is Your Major Weapon

As with Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and any other social network, if you don’t make your profile interesting & good looking, you will hardly become popular in public. Give enough information and don’t forget to make your profile public because this way even people, who don’t know you, when they encounter your profile, they might become interested in you and become a supporter of yours and your website as well.

2. Create a Facebook Fans Page

First way to get traffic from Facebook is to create fans page, create fans page of your website like our page is, after creation Fans page try to promote it, Soon I will write that “How To Promote Facebook Fans” but generally you can promote your fans page by commenting on other page, Advertise with Facebook, by inviting your friends and lot of other ways. Now share your post on your fans page.

3. Add a Facebook Like Box to Your Blog

Another best way to get more traffic from Facebook add Facebook like box from give your Facebook page URL and bottom of this page click on Get Code, copy both codes and paste on your website where you want to show Like box, there will be two advantages of it, one your fan page will promote and second one you can derive more traffic by posting your post on Facebook page.

4. Update Your Fan Page Regularly

Updating is essential for any things, Share update, news, picture, videos from other pages. When you will keep update your page people will stay connected with you, it’s my experiment also, so when you will keep update your page people will encourage more towards your page, they will like your post, will comment and your page will boost.

5. Stay connected with your fans

In blog you can not post something in 2-3 sentences or can not talk to people like a friend. You can do it in your Facebook fan page. You can wish them ‘Happy New Year’ and share ‘New year card’ with them or want to know, how they have enjoyed a special day. Don’t forget to wish them on a special day. Respond to their comments. They will be happy and won’t leave your blog. They will give more likes to your posts and you will get more traffic.

6. Create and Join groups

Create groups and promote a big community, group is also a example of fan page but difference is that in fans page only admin can post and in Groups any one can post. You can join different groups to share you post, if you want to get more traffic then join groups as much as possible.

7. Make more friends

Make maximum friends and those friends who may help you to promote your business or your fan page. Share your post on you own timeline, share post on your friends timeline also. More friends you have, more like you will get. And, you will get huge traffic. But remember don’t send to much request Facebook consider it spamming and may be Facebook ban you after warning.

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