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How To Increase The Number of Post Comments And Drive More Traffic

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There are times when we need to make our blog standout the rest other blogs online. There is need to have a blog where users will decide to visit first before dashing into any other blog. Today, I will simply enlighten you on how you can easily Increase the number of comments for your blog articles and get more traffic to your WP Blog.

How To Increase

1.Write contents that will end in such a manner that your visitor would love to comment: 

If your Blog gets high number of comments per article, it will create a high tone of interest in the mind of your visitors. Your visitors will have the clear knowledge that your site really has something to offer and that you frequently get lots of visitors to your site. If a user finds out that your site is always engaged, then such user would always want to come back to check not just for article updates but for comments which have been left on your post by your visitors. For example, you were writing an article on how to increase google SEO, at the end of your article, you can include something like; “how do you feel when you make a google search about so many articles on your WordPress blog, and your find out that google has no indexed page of your site in its result, from page 1 to 5 of the result shown?” Having such a statement at the end of your post or just before finalizing your post, will motivate your reader to drop a comment for such an article.

2. Make use of the commentluv plugin:

commentluv plugin

The comment love plugin is a great idea in improving your blog comments. However, this plugin will help you improve your wordpress blog in gnenral. If a user happen to leave a comment on your blog and begins to get a high number of traffic from his or her last post embedded by commentluv, such user would always want to come back to your site for more article updates, thereby you are increasing the number of comments for your blog articles and as well driving traffic to your site. 

3.Write Quality Contents:

Write Quality Contents

Quality contents are unique, helpful, detailed and informative blog posts or articles. A content that is helpful and relevant to your readers will surely be of good quality. There is no way a blog post will solve people’s problem and they will not drop a comment on such article. To me, relevance and helpfulness are ingredients of coming up with Quality contents for your readers and I believe that a lot of people will agree with me on this. There is no way to create quality contents without being helpful or relevant to your readers. Though there are no EXACT rules, measurement, standard or outline of how quality content should look like, but we all know that the closest thing to quality content is an informative, helpful, relevant, personalized and detailed blog post. So, I am encouraging every reader of this article, that before you make an article for publication on your blog, make sure it is very informative and can help solve atleast one of your readers’ problem.

4. Add a Facebook comment box to your blog posts:

Facebook comment box to your blog posts

Many bloggers today have neglected the facebook comment box. As we all know that facebook is the fastest growing and most populated social media of our time. There are lot of bloggers who boast of driving traffic from various other means to their site but I tell you that, driving traffic from your facebook social media is really an ideal way of boasting your site’s traffic. I am here to testify to the fact that, the number of traffic I got for my site was through the help of facebook. Using a facebook comment box will enable your visitors leave a comment on your site’s article and still post it to their facebook wall. Do you know what this implies? That your blog post will as well be shared on your visitor’s facebook timeline, thereby expanding your sites visibility to other people you might not know. Is this not helpful increasing your site’s traffic? Try it out by simply downloading and installing the facebook comment plugin. 

5. Try also to make use of the google+ comment box: 

google+ comment box

If it be necessary, I would also recommend you make use of the google+ comment box as well, especially for those who have a google+ account. However, if you feel you can get more traffic from just facebook alone and feel it would be too compacted having this two social media plugins in just one site, then you are left to decide which one of these plugins you had love to use. Apparently, google+ is the second largest social media and yet another great medium to drive traffic from. I would advise everyone reading this to make sure he/she has a google+ account, even if you don’t use the comment box for your wordpress site, it’s a means of advertising your site to the world and also driving traffic your blog. 


All above mentioned tips, can help you improve the number of comments you get in your WordPress blog posts. Make sure your write engaging articles always, make your reader always see a reason to comment. If you make use of any social media box plugin, then it’s a way of letting your visitors happily share their post and opinions of your article on their timelines and now you have assurance of driving traffic from such post. If you had love to see my next post, please keep checking back on 
Your Blog comments got even better, when you drop a comment for this post or was this article not helpful and informative?

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  1. A VERY informative blog. Ya we need to add Social media button on every blog. can you please tell in more about commentluv plugin?? because I don’t have much knowledge about it .

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