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As you know that there are thousand of jobs available on the internet, half of world doing jobs, business online, now a day internet become very popular in the category of online earning which is good trend, every next man want to know that how to make money online? As I mention above that there are lot of ways to earn, but always pick trusted work, so here I am going to tell you that how you can make little but enough Money Online With Review is a world largest website which allows you to shrink your URL, it is not different from other such websites like,,, but difference is they will give you a fix part of money against visitors and they have ad twist. When somebody opens the shorl URL there will be 5 second frame and ad, after 5 seconds you will be redirected to your original link, they will give you $5 against 10,000 visitors, mean to say that if 10,000 peoples visits your shrink URL then they will give you $5.

How To Make Money Online With – Review:

So how much can you can you make with Adfly?

Lot of my friends ask me this question, well, its depend on you, if you have good traffic on your blog or if you have good community on social media, then you can earn maximum, generally I think you can make 1$ to 2$ daily not more, because if you will redirect 10,000 visitors then you will get $5 which is huge amount of traffic and bit amount of money.

Requirements To Earn From 

You need to have at least one blog or website, about any niche which is popular like Downloads, Software, Movies, Music or E-Books, anything which need to be downloaded from 3rd party websites.

How To Make Account And How To Start Earning?

After introduction of, now I am going to show you practically that how you can make account there and how your earning will start, well, first of all visit, now click on join now if you don’t have already account, after registration you will get verification email, after verifying your account, you will enter in your account.
Now the real work will start, now copy URL where you want to redirect your visitors means your blog or website link and paste into your account, now click on shrink as you see below in picture.
make money with
Now they will give you a new link which wills your source of earning link, now as much user will come through this link, they will pay you against it.

How to Get Traffic For Links:

1)Social Media
Social media can help you a lot in this matter, spread this link on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc, as you know that millions of peoples actives at a time on social media, so you can get more visitors from such websites.
2)Website or Blog
Website or blog also can help you, if your website or blog in good rank and you have good amount of traffic there, then more visitors will come and more will visit your links, you can make free blog on blogger for this task.
3)Ask To Your Friends 
Give this link to your friends as well, make a huge list of friend and spread your link as much as possible, more friends visit more earning, so make friends on social media like Facebook, Linkedin etc.

How Will Pay?

They will pay you through Paypal and Payoneer account,  they will pay you through paypal when your balance reached $5 and Payoneer $10.

Ball Is In Your Court:

Earning depends on you, if you are willing to do work hard then you can generate huge money from here, I did little work today on this website which you can see in image here. earning,
So its best source of earning I you can get money from anywhere, its totally different from other website like PPC website, they will pay you against per visit, you as much visits you will increase as much you will get reward, so I hope and my pray that you earn lot from here, If you are earning or want to earn and you have any difficulty you are most welcome, just drop you problem or feedback in comment box.

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7 thoughts on “ Review: How To Make Money Online With”

  1. Hi Waqas

    Thanks for writing this. I ised adfly for sometime and it is pretty good. Until date, I receive payment for every cashout upon reaching the limit and thus, highly recommend it to other.

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing. Making money online is possible and easy if you know how and have the drive to put in the work!

  3. thanks for the post . can i shrink other users zippyshare links(which was already shrink ) on my website ….will i get ban for this ..

  4. HI Ahmed. This $5 is for 10,000 visitors or 1000 visitors ? I heard that this $5 is for 1000 visitors. Plz Clear my Confusion. Thank you.

  5. Thanx Author great post ! Actually am too started affiliate programe in at some time it makes me happy to earn a little bit !
    But, after some time account has been blocked in india I hope it will continue again ! Thanku

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