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How to Make Money Online with YouTube – A Comprehensive Guide

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Do you want to make money online?

Ahh! To be honest, there are thousands of ways to make money online. Here are my previously written articles about Online earning, and you can get more benefit by reading these articles.

How to Make Money Online with YouTube

Probably you have heard that people earning money with YouTube. Did you try YouTube to make money online? If not, then you missed a golden chance. YouTube is a most popular video sharing website, and we can make money using YouTube.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you some unique ways to earn money online by using YouTube.

Before going to discuss how to make money online with YouTube, let me show you some amazing statistics about YouTube.

Youtube statistics

Before going to discuss how to earn and all other things, I’m going to give you some handy tips to earn maximum money with YouTube.

1) Create Unique Videos

Great Videos = More View = More Subscribers = More Earning

This is my self generated formula and you may disagree with me. Undoubtedly great and killer videos are good to generate more views and more subscribers. If you have poor quality video, then more will dislike it, and it’s not good sign for you.

2) Avoid Copied Videos

YouTube is very sensitive about copyright issue. If YouTube got three complaints against your account, then YouTube will ban your channel immediately. So, to save your Channel, you should avoid publishing already published videos.

3) Great SEO Title and Description

If you are sharing great and unique videos, and missing videos optimization, then you can’t expect too much good results. Target your main idea (Main Keyword) in title to get extra benefit in search engine, and attractive description is also good to attract more users. So, try to handle title and description very carefully.

These are some tips in my mind. Here I’m going to discuss how to make money.

1 – Become A YouTube Partner

This is one of the most common and easy way to make money online with YouTube. You can make money by direct advertising on your YouTube videos.

Just sign up on YouTube, and create channel. Make sure your channel should be attractive and well descriptive.

After creating channel, you can enable monetization option of YouTube. You can submit a video for monetization and enable ads in two ways from within your YouTube account.

Enable Ads on Your Videos:

youtube monetization option

Make sure that you can monetize multiple videos at once.

youtube monetization

So this is how you can make money with YouTube as a YouTube Partner. Remember you have to upload something very unique to get maximum views. If you are not getting any idea, then you can explore Q&A websites like Yahoo answers to get more ideas. Figure out most popular problems, and if you have solution for that, then record a video, and upload on YouTube. This is a simple way to get idea about videos; you can try many other options as well.

2 – Make Tutorials

Creating tutorials is also a great way to make money. Let’s suppose you are good in makeup, and then you can create makeup tutorials videos, and you can sell your cosmetics. So this is how tutorials can help you to make you money with YouTube.

3 – Reviewing Affiliate Programs

No doubt that Affiliate Marketing is a most effective way to make money online, but bit tough as well. YouTube is great source to promote your affiliate products. You can create tutorial video of that product, and promote your product to get more conversions.

4 – Make Sponsored Videos

If you have great number of subscribers and views on your channel, then you can publish sponsored videos as well. One thing you should that maximum subscribers are very important to get sponsored videos. It’s same as your website, if your website is in good ranking, then maximum people will contact you to publish sponsored post or guest post.

5 – Sell Links In Your Video Description

Not too common, but good to earn something extra with YouTube. There are many people who are looking to get links from YouTube. You can share sponsored link in YouTube video, but make sure that you should have real and targeted users.


Overall, in order to make money with YouTube, unique videos and maximum subscribers is the initial step. Remember that there are many people who are trying to make money by using fake tricks. I’ll never recommend you to do this if you want to earn for a long time.

Do you have any experience with YouTube? Please must share in comment, and don’t forget to share with others.

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