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Top 10 Best Ways To Make Money Online

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best Ways To Make Money Online
Online earning is a desire of everyone, as you know that internet is a hub of jobs and works, jobs are available in millions on the internet, there are many jobs which are not secure and the peoples are not honest in work. Jobs always depends on your skills and work, if you can work hard and you have technical skills then you can earn in million from internet. In this tutorial I will show secure and trusted ways of earning online.Is it possible to make money online?
This topic become very hot now a day, everyone thinking about online earning and online business, but only one question in their mind that is it possible to make money online? Yes! You can make money online if you are willing to do some hard work. All jobs are not fakes; there are many trusted and enjoyable ways to earn online. There are thousand of article available on the internet about this topic, many of then will show you make more than 10000$ per month, but there is no such way but these topics are very secure source of earning online.


1. Blogging/Web Designing (With Advertisement)

Blogging is the one of the most successful source of making money online, millions of peoples doing this work, for blogging you need to create your blog/website on a niche about which you can write article on your blog/website, there are many platform to start blogging, Blogger, WordPress, Joomla and many more platforms are available to start blogging, after creating website or blog you can earn by different techniques but most recommended way to earn from your blog is PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisement.

There are many companies which are proving PPC ads; these companies will provide you some amount in the reward of click on ads, Google Adsense is the most popular PPC Ads providing network, there are other recommended sources also available like BuySellAds, Infolinks, clicksor, Chitika, Tribal Fusion, Bidvertiser and many others, just register your website on any network and publish ads on your website, when visitor will come on your website and will click on ad, these networks will pay you against per click.


2. Make Money With Google Adsense

As I mention above Google Adsense in PPC advertisement but there is a still need to describe this separate, google Adsense is the largest PPC network in the world which is owned by Google itself, you need just a 6 months old website to get Adsense ads, after getting Adsense, publish Adsense ads on your website/blog, Google Adsense will pay you against per click.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marking is a best source of online earning According to marketing definition “Marketing means getting something on low price and selling on high price” affiliate marketing mean selling anything in real life, the method of mean from affiliate marketing is very easy, just select any affiliate marketing website like Clickbank, Sharesale, BlueHost, click2sell, clixGalore and there are thousand of other websites also available, clickbank is the one of the most popular Affiliate marketing website, just sign up, select any product which you want to market, seller will decide that how much % he will give you if you sell his product, after agreement you will market his product on different platforms and after selling seller will give you your commission.

4. Providing professional experience – Freelancing

Freelancing mean selling your experience and skill in real market, if you have professional experience and technical skill then no need to go out, you can sell your skill, your abilities against money from your home, this methods is little bit different from others because in this method skills are required, If you have skills, abilities then you can earn other wise you can’t.
There are different websites working for freelancers like oDesk, Elance, Freelancer,, and many more, these websites are combination of workers mean freelancers and work providers, different projects are available on these website, it’s depend on you which skill you have.

5. Earn money being an Online Tutor

Another best way of online earning, it’s also relevant with Freelancing but bit different, you can teach peoples online and earn extra money from them, there are many websites offering students to learn online, you can teach peoples by giving videos tutorials, you can also teach via. Skype, this way online learning and teaching getting very popularity now a days, there are bright chances to get success in way, You would have to set aside a few hours a week to get huge money.

6. Selling Your Own Products

You can make money via. Selling your goods and products online, there are many places where you can sell your products. Suppose if you have any precious item and you want to sell out, obviously you will find any one who want to buy such items, so for this task there are two main website available on the internet.
eBay: You can sell your products through eBay, eBay will charge some % against per transaction, you can sell everything except of harmful and drugs.
Amazon: Is a world largest buying and selling website, you can sell books, automobiles, cameras, laptops an thousands of other products which you want to sell.
There are many more websites also available like OLX, just search on Google you will find websites in thousands for selling goods and products.

7. Make money with Forex

Forex is a market where you can buy and sell all the world’s currencies, all currencies are traded wing pair with the other currencies. Forex is the largest financial and trading market in the world.
There are many companies doing jobs for their customers, for doing trading, first of all you need to register your account with any company, after registering company will provide you user name and password of your forex account, now login to your account and start buying and selling currencies but make sure this work is so risky, if you are newbie then don’t turn toward this, you can face loss of thousands dollar but if you know the market then you can earn huge amount from forex trading.Related: Top 8 Best Ways Make Money Online in 2014

8. Make Money With SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There are many bloggers who need team for better ranking in search engine, they need people for promoting there website on social media and other platform, writing comments on blogs in order to get backlinks for blog, you can earn by promoting blog in search engine to derive more traffic, SMM (social media marketing) is also very popular way of earning online, you need to promote website on social media and get extra money.

9. Make Money Translating Documents

If you have grip in more languages then you can make huge amount online, there are thousand of peoples who can write in their own language but can not write in English or other most speaking languages, so they peoples need who can translate form one language to other, thousands of translating jobs are available on the internet, just explore Odesk, You can find thousand of work as a translator of texts. They provide you a text, you write the translation and they give you money.

10. Logo and Graphic Designing

If you are a web designer who expertise in the field or website and logo designing, no doubt you can make huge money online, there are many webmasters who need logo and other design for websites, there are many website where these type of jobs are available, you can search on google about it, you will find many jobs related to this.
If you are graphic designer and able of creating graphic elements and animation, then take a look at the design choices out there that offers you good money.

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  2. I thinks first two option are good for every one. Other option are little hard for someone. So I suggest every one. make blog do some effort and make money through your little hard work.

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