how to make money with Google Adsense

How to Make Money Online With Google Adsense

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how to make money with Google Adsense

Do you want to make money online??? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make money with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense one of the most popular network in the world, and owned by world largest search engine “GOOGLE”. Google Adsense is a PPC (Pay Per Click) Ad network, and you can make good money with it. If you are looking to make money on the internet, then Google Adsense is a platform that allow us to make money by utilizing our skills.

What Wikipedia says about Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

So, it was an introduction of Google Adsense, let’s move to the topic that how to make money? So let’s start.

Before going to read this article, please must read my recent articles related to Google Adsense. These articles are really useful if you are going to make money with Adsense.

These five articles are well enough for who don’t know about Google Adsense and how it works.

How to Make Money With Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a nice way to monetize your traffic. For displaying ads with AdSense for content, publishers receive 68% of the revenue recognized by Google in connection with the service. For AdSense for search, publishers receive 51% of the revenue recognized by Google. These percentages are consistent, regardless of a publisher’s geographic location, and are not in any way averaged between publishers.

Google Adsense Requirements:

1)     A Website

First requirement of Google Adsense is that you must have a well reputed website. If you don’t know how to create a website then read this article.

Read: Step By Step Guideline To Create Your Own Website

2)     Your Age should be 18+

Google only accept applications from applicants who are over 18. According to Adsense policies, If you are under 18, then you are not to work with Adsense.

3)     Term & Conditions

Your site should be according to Google term and conditions that described under.

4)     Website at least 6 months old

Your website or blog should be 6 months old. Google says that we are accepting aged websites to improve the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.

After reading Google Adsense Requirements, now read Google Adsense Policy.

1)      Invalid clicks and impressions

Google Adsense is known by its strict policies. If you are getting Invalid clicks or impressions, then Google with disable your account.

2)      Encouraging clicks

It’s mean you are forcing your readers to click on Ads which is against Google Adsense policies. Place ads at right place and don’t encourage your visitors to click on that.

3)      Copyrighted material

Google will never ever allow you to show advertisement on copied material. You can save yourself for a short period of time, but you can never save yourself here. So if you want to show Google Ads, then write your article articles and then publish.

4)      Gambling content

Adsense is not for Adult Content, Hate Speech, Crude Content, Violence related contents, Spam, Harassment contents. If you are really want to work with Adsense, then don’t choose type of categories.

These are Requirements and Policies for Google Adsense and you have to follow these points.

How to Apply for Google Adsense.

1)      GO to

2)      Sign in with Gmail. (If you don’t have then create a Gmail account)

3)      After that you will see form like this and fill form by giving right information.

Google Adsense Sign up

After few days or one week, the will inform you about your account by e-mail, if they found your website according to their policies, then will allow you access of Adsense account and you can start your earning.


Google Adsense is a best CPC Ad network and you can make good money if you have good traffic. To increase earning with Adsense, Increase your traffic first. Google Adsense has very strict policies for some countries like India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, and for some other countries, but if you have quality website, then you can get Adsense easily.

I hope you will enjoy reading this article. If you have any question, please feel free to discuss in comments.

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  1. Hi Waqas Ahmed

    No doubt Google Adsense is the well known and most reliable advertising program through which most of the online community earn handsome amount of money. How nicely you share more about Google Adsense.

    Thanks for sharing excellent piece of information which is really helpful for the newbie’s.

  2. Your article is so informative and clear, You showing step by step how to earn money from online. But this is the only one way . It’s have many many easy way to earn money from internet.

  3. thanks for sharing this nice information waqas. i am try 2 times for adsense account approvel but they say your blog not according to our policy then not accept plz check my blog and tell me what to do for my blog

  4. I can’t Understand This 🙂
    (((- 4) Website at least 6 months old

    Your website or blog should be 6 months old. Google says that we are accepting aged websites to improve the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.)))

    I Buy my domain and Hosting April-04-2014.
    After 3rd time resubmit I get approve on June-27-2014.
    So here my website age not 6 Months.

    why adsense accept me b4 6 months my site age?

  5. Hi WAQAS
    Here after reading above post i have got many answers that how i also generate money from Adsense .Very helpful post for me .The way you write is also awesome .I like your blog and Bookmarking this right now to visit again

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