Kajamba Review: Emerging Ad Network For Publishers

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Making money online nowadays is much easier than before. There are a lot of online ad networks which help bloggers and webmasters to earn money from their content. Being a publisher, it is not an easy task to find a safe and profitable source of making money from your content, you will find a lot of perfect ad network but there is never a perfect ad network that will give you the predictable amount per clicks but I will tell you about the best and up to the mark ad network that is Kajamba. With Kajamba you will be in no doubt that you get the closest to the very best value for each and every visit to your content, page and website attracts. Now before you jump for joy and sign up, you should know that it takes time to earn any decent income from Kajamba. You need to have good search engine traffic, ensuring that you get traffic from countries like the U.S. and the U.K.

What Is Kajamba?

The advertisement network Kajamba came in being with the help of different group of media experts with more than 15 years of experience in the market. The reason was only to make easy the process of making good bucks through your hard work passion. It is a self service portal and very easy to use, all you need to just implement it on to your website not much knowledge is required for it that is the best thing I like about it.

Kajamba Review

One thing more about Kajamba is that it deals directly with the advertisers so you do not have to be troubled about your money being consumed by dealers and third party sites. These sites only work to make commission through your work in providing you with the advertisers.

Is Kajamba a trustable AdNetwork?

Kajamba is trustable ad network, you will be paid reasonably for the services your webpage or content provides. This ad network ensures you get the highest CPM for each and every bit of input and efforts your website makes. The good thing about this ad network is that it is affiliated with direct advertisers, ad networks, exchange and private marketplaces which will give you without any doubt more than fair priced for your services, and it makes Kajamba one of the most competent ad networks in the world.

History Based Ads

In simple explanation this ad network uses the history of every single internet user visiting a webpage and monitors with utmost attention their field of interest and their behavior in that way the ad network can figure out what ad is most excellent suited for the viewer and which ad will last an impression on the user visiting the webpage.


In addition to that, if you want to get the best possible results the content on your website also gives pretty much the idea of the field of interest of the visitors so the Kajamba ad network will optimize their ads so that you get the maximum possible CPM for every impression of their advertisement on your webpage or website.

Advertisement Aggregator (control panel)


One of the finest things about Kajamba ad network that makes it stand out when compared to others is not the direct advertiser to you connection but the effortless and elegant interface, all the functions is designed in such a way that it is easy to use within less time in, do – it- yourself console. You do not need any command unit or an expert to guide you while giving you that unnecessary advice that annoy everyone so that you can save yourself some precious time and use it to do something creative for your business rather than just killing time selling the ad space on your landing page or website.

Wide Coverage

It gives a wide coverage across multiple devices, the good thing is that it is best for any kind of devices mobiles, tablets or desktops. The particular ad will be automatically adjust itself according to the compatibility of the devices, now a days mostly ad network working on mobile optimized banners because most of the user is now using smart phones and it is increasing day by day. One thing you will like about Kajamba right away is the fact that it is easy to set up, and once you have set it up, you don’t have to do much! it will automatically start showing ads on your blog, and you will start making money right away.

It will turn your passion into profession

If writing for blogs is your passion then get ready for making it as a profession. You can easily earn bucks by implementing this ad network on your blog and make form it a decent amount of money, it will totally depend on type of content you are showing in your website and blog.

Kajamba Network Details
Commission Type: eCPM ; Rev Share
Minimum Payment: $5 on Paypal or Payoneer – $300 for Wire transfer.
Payment Frequency: Net 30
Payment Method: Paypal, Payoneer or Bank wire.
Country: Israel
Contact: Telephone: +972-86111092
Email: support@kajamba.com

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8 thoughts on “Kajamba Review: Emerging Ad Network For Publishers”

  1. i was searching for a new ad network and i am very happy to have this info , i will really really consider kajamba in my future projects, thanks again for such a nice sharing dear waqas, i always enjoy your articles you really think out of the box .

    1. You are always welcome osama, no doubt kajamba is one of the emerging network and i am seeing it somewhere very close to Adsense.
      Must try with your projects and share it with your clients as well.


  2. Thanks WAQAS for another informative post as usual. Let me know have you tried this network because couldn’t find much information about this, but seems to be very attractive network. I will surely test this after such appreciation by you.

  3. Hi waqas
    how r you !
    today my adsense are disabled so i was searching for a new ad network related to adsense today i got best network in this post thank for sharing

  4. Hi Waqas,
    You did a fantastic job and share with us such a detailed an comprehensive review about Kajamba which is indeed a lucrative Ad Network for Publishers.
    Thanks for fantastic share 🙂



  5. I am using Adsterra for my site but google continuously flags my site for putting Adsterra banner ads. Then i removed those ads and earning of site is going down day by day. I am searching alternative ad network for banner ads that is trusted and high paying like Adsterra . Then today i found your blog through searching and introduced with new ad network – Kajamba. I must try it. Thanks WAQAS AHMED for your detailed explanation about this ad network 🙂

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