7 Things You Need to Know About Affiliate Marketing

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Many companies pay other enterprises for bringing more customers and users to their business. For example, if you have a website and another brand brings more traffic to your website by investing and promoting it, you might pay that brand for your benefit. This entire activity of marketing for a company other than your own (and being paid for it) is called affiliate marketing. This concept has become extremely popular today and can be done in a number of ways. Making money by promoting another brand has opened new and creative methods of marketing.


Here are 7 significant things to know about affiliate marketing.


If you’re a Start-up, This is What You Need


At the inception of your business, the most important thing is to attract customers and get more people to use and know about your product. Now there may be a number of things you might do to promote it, but it might not be enough. So look for other brands who you could tie up with for mutual benefits. If a retailer wants to sell your product in his retail store, then you should definitely go for it. Such retailers tend to do their own share of advertising for your product to attract potential customers. This can bring brand awareness and create a larger customer base for you. For every new customer the retailer gets, you can reward him.


An Easy Marketing Tool for Online Enterprises

affiliate tools

Affiliate marketing is a choice of many digital marketing companies and product based businesses because of how easily it can be done online. Online websites may sell coupons or offer your products for sale on their platform. Tying up with them should be a cost effective and easy tool for your promotion. To understand this better, let’s imagine a coupon website shows Jabong offers and provides a link to its website. This link will lead to an increased traffic on their website and becomes a promotional tool for Jabong. This becomes simple as the coupon website would get paid for generating that traffic, and would therefore put efforts to increase the clicks on that link.


A Quick and Safe Way to Earn

Safe Way to Earn

If you are an affiliate who is promoting another brand online, you could be paid for it based on the number of clicks or purchases. This becomes convenient as you need to focus on increasing the number people visit that page by advertising and conducting other promotional techniques. Getting paid this way is called ‘pay per click’. For example, a coupon website will be paid by Paytm for offering Paytm coupons which diverts a customer to their website. Similarly, a departmental store can get paid for promoting a brand it sells.

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It Works Even for the Smallest of Small Enterprises

Small Enterprises

Most firms believe that they or their market is not big enough to opt for affiliates. But this is wrong. Affiliate marketing can work for any enterprise irrespective of its price. You don’t have to be popular or big to use this tool well. In fact, this is mostly done by small enterprises who are looking for more users or customers.


Be Careful of Fraudulent Affiliates

frauds affiliate

Now you may pay an affiliate for the number of visitors or buyers he generates for your brand. Sometimes, in order to earn more, these affiliates show artificial data or make internet users stumble onto your website involuntarily. Sometimes, affiliates plant bugs that can divert people to your website even if they don’t want to. Later you will pay them for all these people who visited your website for no reason. In various cases, this practice cost companies millions.


Look for your Niche Market

Niche network

Don’t blindly look for websites willing to be your affiliates. The website should generate customers from your niche market. If the website is about women’s clothing, using them for your car brand will be of no use. It will become an unnecessary cost for your brand and will be of zero use. So if you want to tie up for affiliate marketing, look for the websites and retailers that get customers who will be interested in your products.


Helping the Affiliate is key

Helping the Affiliate

You’re affiliate may not know enough about you and may not have the right resources to market your product. So the best thing for you to do is to help the affiliate by providing him with suitable material to market your product correctly. Give them promotional content and branding material to improve their promotional effect. Sometimes your brand can even create the advert and ask the affiliate to use it for promotional purposes. Your involvement can also be encouraging and helpful to the affiliate.

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  1. Hi!
    Really nice post. Affiliate is kind of fast way for income but, If you able to find the right customer. It’s really hard in the beginning but, You will get more as time progresses.

    Thank You

  2. I like your article but I think deserves to be mention that the FTC requires that you say somewhere that is easily found by a reader that the links are affiliate links. If you don’t you can get a serious fine.

  3. Really great article and contains some excellent advice about affiliate marketing The one warning that I would like to give , is that affiliate marketing must be viewed within the context of your wider marketing campaign. Therefore the advice about discounting and being competitive on commissions will not be feasible for all merchants.

  4. most of the newbie blogger’s don’t know about affiliate marketing..facts which you have covered in this article about affiliate marketing will help many young bloggers who are striving for success..thanks waqas

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