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Anatomy of Negative SEO – Strategy to Protect your Website

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Creating content is important for SEO rankings, but it can also backfire, as negative SEO can also occur. This might happen due to the fact someone is trying to sabotage your work intentionally. On the other hand, it is also possible that competition will try to undermine you by creating negative SEO.

Moreover, if not enough natural links are realized, it will seem as your website is only trying to create a large number of backlinks in order to spam. Inserting links must be done in such a way that it seems natural and unforced. In addition, try not to quarrel with competition via links and content, as it will only generate a negative overall picture for you.

negative seo

We are here to answer some of the most alarming questions:

  • What happens if your website is the target of Negative SEO
  • How to find and deal with negative links
  • The terms of fighting of a negative SEO attack

Find negative links

Thanks to the Google webmaster links tool, you can now easily view whom or which company created links that lead back to your website. By getting the link information, you can also check whether the link content is positive or negative for your website. With the help of this tool, you can easily root out spammy and unnecessary links that can only harm your business.

Unfortunately, SEO algorithms change faster than the mindsets of certain CEOs and marketing leaders. Even though they had a great idea in order to push their own brand, the marketing team often forgets to stay up to date with new algorithms, resulting in links that could potentially backfire. In 2012, Matt Cutts clearly stated that Google takes negative SEO very seriously in his video.

With every update happening in the SEO world, you should also follow whether your website is following the latest trends so that you can keep up being among the top results in search engines. Remember that the Internet changes fast and keeping up is a task on its own, furthermore, cheap link building is just not possible anymore.

Toxic linksProtect Your Website from Negative SEO

Perhaps any successful company’s biggest fear is to get in touch with spam websites, which will create negative and toxic links without you even being aware what is happening. Currently, the only solution is to attempt to create links as natural as possible whilst trying to evade negative link building. Moreover, every company should have a risk management team responsible for dealing with situations like that.


Improved SEO strategies in a nutshell

It is important to remember that proper SEO strategies will help your website develop and build a healthy community. However, if done in the wrong way, it is possible that you are working against yourself in the end. The two images sum up entirety of good behavior in SEO world; consider them a guideline once you start to develop a new white SEO strategy.

Consider reviewing any link to and from your website and ensure their content will not harm your website or others. The aim is to create quality links and not quantity; you are trying to evade spam after all.

How to Recover From Negative SEO

Image courtesy of OMG.

Perhaps the most important task is to create an automated system that will be able to audit all the links because it is nearly impossible examining thousands of links. Implementing a risk management system such as this will not only save time and effort but also ensure that no negative SEO is generated.

Once you set up an automated risk management system, focus on getting rid of negative links, which will inevitably pop up from time to time. There are tools that you can implement within your risk management, and once integrated your only worry will be to focus on content.

The fight is on

Negative SEO is unfortunately very present and a very real threat that many companies face. The best you can do is to try and create a risk management team that will try to handle any given negative situation.

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