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How to Reduce Spam Comments in WordPress

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If you are using WordPress for website or blogging purpose, I can say confidently that you are facing spam comments problem. There is a very wide history behind spamming, but we’ll not discuss it. Spam comments are very harmful to your blog and can leave negative impacts as well. Here we are going to discuss that how to tackle with spam comments.

Why Spam Comments Are Bad?

Spam comment is the most irritating part of WordPress. Ever webmaster annoyed with spam comments, and I think should be. But one thing that you should remember being a blogger or website owner, don’t try to increase the number of comments on your blog. Always think before accepting any comment, otherwise it might be costly for you. Bad effects of spam comments:

Any Algorithm can hit you.
Google is cracking down on bad links
Comment spam shows lack of moderation
Your readers might lose faith in you.

Reduce Spam Comments


Install Akismet WordPress Plugin:

Akismet is the most popular anti-spamming WordPress plugin. Install Akismet plugin and activate through API key. Akismet checks each and every comment after submitted in your blog. You can also purchase premium version of this plugin to reduce more spam comments with extra functionalities.

Ban Spam IP Addresses

Banning spam IP’s also is a good option to get rid of spam comments. You can ban spam IP’s to block more spam comments in future. There are many ways to do so. You can use WP-Ban WordPress plugin and you can also ban through .htaccess file. Edit .htaccess file and add below code.

# block ip
order allow,deny
deny from
deny from 192.876.54.321
deny from
deny from 204.876.54.321
allow from all
This is code format, you can add more IP’s that you want to block.


Using CAPTCHA plugin is very effective way to reduce spam comments. When anyone will try to add a comment on your blog have to see a graphic and type the words matching the graphic. So this is most popular and effective way to reduce spam comments.
Although CAPTCHA will serves your purpose well, but your regular commentators would have to fill up the catcha when they try to post a comment on your blog. This may discourage to the visitor and he may refrain from posting comments altogether.


Best WordPress captcha plugin to help rid off spams:

  1. Si captcha for WordPress
  2. captcha
  3. WP reCaptcha plugin
  4. Sweet captcha Revolutionary plugin
  5. blue-captcha
  6. Really simple captcha plugin

Use Third Party Commenting Systems

I like this technique to reduce spam comments in WordPress. You can integrate any third party commenting system Disqus, Facebook, G+, IntenseDebate or Livefyre. When anyone will try to post a comment on your blog, these tools when ask to commentator to login first. So the spam comments are high reduced.

Turn On First Comment Submission Moderation

Enable comment is held for moderation from your wordpress setting option. Go to setting>Discussion> and check A comment is held for moderation. When people will make comment on your blog, it will hold comment for manual acceptance by site administrator.


Install Anti-Spam Plugins

As I discuss above, that spam comments are the most irritating part of WordPress because it can damage overall efficiency of your website. Anti-Spam Plugins are can help you to reduce the level of spam comments. Thousand of Anti-Spam Plugins are available for wordpress but here are few most popular plugins that could really help you to tackle with this problem.

10 Best Anti Spam WordPress Plugins

1. Antispam Bee
2. Akismet
3. NIX Anti-Spam Light
4. Anti-spam by CleanTalk
5. AVH First Defense Against Spam
6. Inpsyde AntiSpam
7. WangGuard
8. Anti-spam
9. Spam Destroyer
10. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin


Spam comment is an ongoing battle that most bloggers have to face by time to time. If you apply these tips, hopefully you’ll not get any more spam comments. Once again I want to warn you, that spam comments are really bad and can leave very negative impact on your blog or website. Thanks for reading this article. Please must share your feedback related to this post.

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  1. Thank u very much for the list Ahmed.! I have been facing spam comment issue for my website. This article really helps me a lot. i have installed Anti-Spam now which is quite useful. Thanks once again.

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