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SEO 101 – Boost your Click-Through Rate Effectively

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The SERP rating and ranking on search engines is imperative for any company that desires to create good content and to be able to compete with others. What is most important is how good a posts CTR is. To achieve better rankings and better scores you will have to consider new research.

SEO 101

First, creating content that is natural and not forced is hard, but it will attract more audience and increase CTR. Furthermore, the more time a user spends on your post and the more clicks you have, the higher ranking on any search engine results.

Read on to find out about some of the most important aspects of CTR:

  • Meta tags and indexing

  • Controlling the URL

  • Serp

  • Authorship


Tagging is the key

It is extremely important to learn how to utilize tags properly. Meta tags and added description will improve your overall SEO ranking and if done properly, your posts will be more engaging and more inviting for users to stay. Creating traffic is hard, but with proper tagging, it will be possible to increase CTR.

Additionally, tagging will not only allow you to have a better SEO result, but through indexing, your sitemap will be more useful both for your audience and search engines as well as for your own organization. Nobody likes to be lost, and that is why tags are important for users.

Furthermore, Meta description is also important, as a short description can usually mean the difference between someone scrolling past your post or taking interest in it. Engaging Meta tags will ensure that new audience will come to you. Making sure that you provide proper Meta description is something that will improve your overall ranking.

A big mistake that many posters ignore is where your post appears in search engine results. It is extremely vital that your posts also have good Meta titles and excellent Meta description. Instead of letting a third-party tool optimize these, try to make interesting and engaging Meta tags yourself. It will mean the difference between having good traffic or not.

URL control

In addition to the importance of content information, it is also advisable to consider what information URLs themselves can show. Just by simple descriptions, users can see whether they have what they need or if they need to keep on looking. Once again, Meta tags and SEO tools will help you improve your URLs and ensure that you can be on the top of search engine results.

Website navigation is often neglected. Do not only provide links for going forward, but also include a sitemap that will allow for easier navigation. If done correctly and implemented into the URL, users will appreciate it in the long run.

Rich snippets

Snippets are a recent innovation that websites should strive to include as much as possible. Snippets allow for further tagging in posts, which consequently show up on search engine results. Hence, if implemented correctly, this technique search engine results about your website might bring in more attention and increase your audience.  Your CTR will be boosted once you start including rich snippets.


Nobody likes plagiarism, and now it is possible to leave digital signatures on your posts. Activating authorship not only proves that you are the rightful owner of the post, but you also useful links.

In addition to claiming authorship, you may create links that might help other blogs and even further improve your own rating as an individual blogger or web content marketer.  Especially after the Penguin update.

Take a closer look at all the factors in your control – be smart and make the necessary adjustments to gain performance and respect from search engines.

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