SEO Mistakes

Top Five SEO Mistakes According To Matt Cutts

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Not getting traffic? Ohh! No worry this article is for you.

SEO is a big question for every webmaster. Every blogger and webmaster doing SEO, but 95% of them doing wide of the mark and only 5% according to Google requirements. SEO is not too complex, but people doing it in a complex way.
SEO mistakes can be devastating to a website placement in the SERPs. Here in this article, you will find views of Matt Cutts (Google’s head of search spam) related to top five SEO mistakes webmasters doing.

SEO Mistakes

Recently one webmaster asked to Matt Cutts:

What are the top 3-5 SEO areas where webmasters make the most mistakes? How can we do better on those?”

So, Matt Cutts replied this question in his video (embedded below), here is overview of his answer on this question.

SEO Mistake #1: Your Site Can’t Be Crawled

First SEO mistake according to Cutts, is not having a crawlable website or you don’t have any domain name at all. If there is no domain name or website, then there is nothing for Google to crawl. Make sure that if your website is too complicated for Google crawler, then Google will not index your site. Ensuring that your blog or website is crawlable by Google spiders is critical to be included in Google’s index.

SEO Mistake #2: You Aren’t Using Words People Search For

Second mistake according to Matt, Not including the right words on the page people search for. Simply he is saying that provide relevant information to your readers. He explains more concisely but giving two examples here:
Instead of a searching for “Mount Everest elevation”, people will most likely search for, “How high is Mt. Everest?”
If you have a restaurant website, include a menu in plain text instead of PDF formate that is easily crawlable by the search engines.

SEO Mistake #3: Focusing Too Much on Link Building

Third most common SEO mistake according to Matt Cutts is, Don’t think about too much about link building, think about compelling quality content and do proper marketing.

“I wouldn’t put too much of a tunnel vision focus on just links,” Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts try to encourage webmasters that don’t waste your time on just link building. Focus on creating and compiling good quality contents that your readers love to read and share. After producing quality contents, now think about the marketing. Talk to newspaper reporters, billboards, paid advertising, guerilla marketing, reaching out to people in the community and many others ways for promoting your stuff.

SEO Mistake #4: Your Website Has Bad Titles and Descriptions

Pay close attention to your titles and descriptions, especially on your home page or high traffic pages, Cutts said.

He describe it like this, if you have web page title “untitled” or something like that, when user will bookmark and try to find it later, then it would be much difficult for user to find your website again. Put related title and Meta description (which usually appears as the snippet under the link to your site in search engine results) that should attract user attention and inveigle people to click on your website result.

SEO Mistake #5: You Aren’t Using Webmaster Resources

There are a lot of resources to help your site be found. Use them, Cutts said.

According to Matt, last SEO mistake is not using free resources provided by Google like Google Webmaster Tools, Google’s Webmaster Forum, Google Webmaster Videos, search conferences, Google Webmaster Blog and many others. These resources are provided by Google only; you can use other search engine resources as well like Bing and Blekko.

Here’s the full video:

How to Overcome These SEO Mistakes?

These are SEO Mistakes according to SEO Lord “Matt Cutts”, now question is how to avoid these mistakes. Here is the best solution for these mistakes.

1) Make sure that your website should be easy to navigate for user and crawler as well. Don’t use heavy flashes or massive advertisement. Keep it neat and clean that should be easy to navigate.

2) Proper keyword searching is very vital, and use Google Keyword Planner tool to find relevant keywords and try to know that people are searching.

3) Read my recent article “Ways to Increase Website Traffic Without Building Links”. Building links is not the only way to increase website traffic. Write quality article, do marketing, you will see better result than building links.

4) Title and Meta description plays very important role here. As I discussed above that title and description should be eye-catching.

5) And the last thing is utilize free resources provided by Google or any other platform. Must use Google Webmaster Tool, Google Analytics Tool, Google Keyword Planner and many more.


These are some most common SEO mistakes. If you are doing these mistakes, I hope you will never repeat these mistakes again. If you have any question or any confusion, please feel free to ask in comment below.

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  1. Jagdish Kashyap

    I must say truly impressive content you have made.
    Thanks I got my answer, appreciate…
    Keep Working Like This 🙂

  2. Hey Waqas, It’s first article I am reading on your blog. Actually all new bloggers just focus on sharing on facebook and twitter. They don’t focus on Keywords and design. BTW amazing article.

  3. Harish Grover

    Everyone should not make these mistakes if they want their websites to get good rank on search engines. Titles are very important for your webpages. Focus on unique content is very important. Make best use of Google free tools. Very nice written article.

  4. Online business marketer

    Hi Ahmed,

    Nice post i must say however these mistakes are truly common and i myself have to admit some of the mistakes i usualy make.

    The good thing is you wrote this article. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the article for quick handy tips for good results in SEO it really helps keep the good work 🙂

  6. Really great guide for beginners . Also very well written . By the way I am a new reader of your blog , Can you guide me in keyword research and optimization to rank high in google.

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