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Top 10 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2014

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(SEO) Search Engine Optimization is very important for any type of websites. SEO help us to make our website visible in popular Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. WordPress is the world’s second largest website that gives us a platform to make a blog or website. If you have a blog then you have to make it visible in search engines for this you need SEO Plugins. Below are some popular and great SEO Plugins for WordPress.

1.WordPress SEO Plugin by Yost

SEO Plugin by Yost is one of the most popular SEO Plugin for WordPress Websites. It is very easy to use. This Plugin feathers page analysis, snippet preview. Page analysis help us to optimize our images and pages. This plugins automatically optimize your website for better use experience.

2. All in One SEO Plugin

All in one SEO is Well-known SEO Plugin for WordPress Websites. Many WordPress bloggers are using this Plugin. It helps us to create meta tags and even optimize our post Title automatically. All in One SEO Plugin for WordPress supports Custom post types, Google Analytics, Built-in API, and the best thing about it is that this is the only Plugin that can be integrated with e-Commerce sites.

3. Google XML Sitemap Plugin

This Plugin help us to creating a sitemap that can be submitted to Search Engines. Actuallyit is a part of SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites. It can also be used on Blogger. This plugins help search engines to find our new posts more quickly and the best part of this Plugin is that we don’t have to worry about our new posts it will automatically Indexed to Search engines.

4. HeadSpace 2 SEO Plugin

HeadSpace 2 SEO is one the best SEO Plugin for WordPress. It can solve almost any problem on your Website. It offers advanced tagging, meta data and also help us to add our Website to Google analytics. We can configure meta data, page title, keywords, meta description and tags. This plugin can also be used to define CSS and Java script files. Everything in one Plugin.

5. SEO Friendly Images Plugin

This Plugin help us to optimize our post images for better traffic by image search. 10 % of your Traffic arrived form Image search. It is not too much as we know everything counts. At this point this Plugin help us. As I mentioned above it optimizes our Blog post automatically. It also help us to add title and alt attributes automatically, alt attributes tells search engine about our picture that’s why Bloggers who are using this Plugin have more traffic.

6. SEO Ultimate Plugin

SEO Plugins is one the most used Plugin by WordPress Bloggers. It very popular SEO Plugin for WordPress. This Plugin will solve all of your problems from Optimization to 404 errors. The Plugin feathers meta data, 404 error solving mechanism, auto links, open graphs, canonical. You can also disable the options that you don’t want on your WordPress Website. The best part about this Plugin is that Author name can be highlighted.

7. SEO Rank Reporter Plugin

SEO Rank Reporter Plugin will inform us about our rank on Google continuously. This the best and user friendly Plugin for tracking your rank on Google with your other competitors Bloggers, You can keep an eye on your progress, you can also see your historical ranking on Google with this great plugin. This Plugin is one of the greatest Plugins in SEO Plugins for WordPress.

8. SEO Facebook comment Plugin

SEO Facebook comment Plugin is one of the best SEO Plugin for WordPress. It is used for replacing the comment box by a Facebook comment box. All comments that will be added by Facebook users on your blog will be redirected to the WordPress Data base. Normally Google can’t crawl Facebook comments without this Plugin, this will help search engines to get all the Facebook comments while crawling.

9. 404 SEO Plugin for WordPress

This Plugin is simple and easy to use. It will replace 404 error page with some related suggestion present on your Website. This plugin gives us full control on dead links present in your Website.

10. Automatic SEO links Plugin

Automatic SEO links Plugin can automatically replace all links related to each other. If any one of your visitor search for any post it will give all best alternatives of the search term.

There are Thousand’s of SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites but we made a complete list of Top 10 SEO Plugins for WordPress. If you want to know more about these Plugins then you can ask us in comments and you can also recommend us more Plugins in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Waqas, This is a handly list of some of the great SEO wordpress plugins. But, I think that you missed out one another important plugins. Except automatic SEO links plugin, nearly all the plugin i using on my blogs. earlier or in the presnet. Thanks a lot for sharing these useful seo plugins among us.

  2. Nice listing. I have checked this article with my website. Now i installed 6 list that u listed, but struggling with how to create XML files could u suggest an help for that?

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