Social Media Strategies

How to integrate Social Media Strategies in any SEO Campaign?

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By combining social media with SEO tactics, you can increase chances of your websites to rank higher on search engines result pages. Creating a quality content on social media and website pages is the key to online success. Social media is mostly used to build trust, customer interaction and establishing a brand, but simultaneously it also helps in regularly supplementing backlinks & social signals from high authority sources like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.  Not just for sharing the content, but now you can also use social media to create quality social signals.

Search engines seems to be using Google +1s, retweets, and Facebook likes of a specific web page and website while determining search rankings.  So here are few tips that will help in integrating social media strategies with SEO Campaign effectively:

Social Media Strategies

Google Authorship

Setting up Google Authorship is a good way to integrate social media with SEO. Every article should be linked with a Google+ account. This will build that specific account to be an authority on the niche, and Google might rank the websites higher in SERPs. Google will see the author as an expert and favorably rank further content. All written content should be linked to the other social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Leading a Niche

Becoming a leader in a niche is very important. This can be done by creating excellent quality content. Posts to websites and share in niche social media websites. Answering questions asked in a niche websites is also a way to become an authority. Helping people in a niche will make them want to come back and visit your website even more.

Social Media Pages

Articles written on blogs or websites should definitely have social media sharing buttons and widgets. This will allow the readers to share content in the social media.

Content on social media pages should include brand + keywords, followed with a link to the main website. Having keywords and link in same sentence/paragraph, might help in search engine rankings. Also, linking to various relevant articles of your website from social media pages is a good way to direct the audience to what they seek.

Integrate Keywords with hashtag (#KeyWord) can be used in social media status updates. This will improve the audience experience and help you build authority in niche. And further this linking back to your website will work together as an effective strategy.

Social Media Followers

Who follows you in your social media is now becoming more important than the number of people who follow you or the number of people you follow. In the future, search engines may be able to determine who and how many people you influence. Soon it may be more important to have a very influential follower than a large number of people who influence no one.

Researching Trends

Trend research and targeting real-time search keywords should be considered. These can be discovered through tools such as Google Trends and trending topics on Twitter. Using keywords in your niche that are trending will generate some traffic and visibility.

Top 5 Things to Consider:

1. An active social media presence is necessary. The social media pages must be updated frequently with quality content, and Link back to the website should be included. The content should be developed to keep audience engaged.  The exposure you will get by your audience sharing your content is invaluable.

2. Social media profiles should be linked on the website. This will give visitors the option to become a fan or follower. This will provide a captive audience for marketing.

3. The content should be good to read and share. The more shares content gets the better it ranks in search engines. Using Images and Videos while posting the updates can help in attracting visitors to read and share.

4. Engage people with good quality content. Getting someone to interact with the content instead of just observing is the key. If they tweet, share, or discuss the content then the content is doing its job.

5. Keep social media profile open for search engine to crawl. Profiles there are hidden through privacy setting would not help in search engines, but they sure would help in traffic flow. But ensuring your website is open to crawl is most crucial when considering social media profile for search engine rankings too.

Integrating SEO and social media is almost a necessity today with the new algorithms like Panda, Penguin and Humming bird. Just a simple SEO standalone can no longer ensure high page rankings. A strategy that employs both keywords and social media will be the key to success.  Check out this video of Matt Cutts. He clearly says that Google does use social media links in ranking algorithm. I know video is bit old but Matt has confirmed in past, so we can predict Google must be using this in current time as well.

Also, it can be clearly seen that social media signals are ranking factor in below embedded’s Survey and Correlation Data of 2013:

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