Things that Completely Destroy your Content

Things that Completely Destroy your Content

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You would have already read about How to make your content attractive and beautiful but here I will tell how not to ruin it. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

Here are the things that will suck up all of the taste from your Content:

1) Ignoring Title

Many Bloggers try to get rid of that writing job and they write just for the sake of writing. They don’t spend more than 10 seconds on deciding their Article Title. While the Title of an Article is just like its Backbone, nobody will bother to open your Article if the title is not attractive enough.

2) Repetition

Time is money and Money is Time, don’t repeat your sentences and phrases. Instead, make long sentences, short and precise. Repetition does not only waste your time but also make your Content extremely boring.

3) Very Short & Very Long Content

As I have said that Time is money, try to keep the length of your Content from 400 to 600 Words. Don’t write very short articles that does not convey full information and also avoid writing quite long articles that will bore out the reader.

4) Spelling & Grammatical Mistakes

Spelling Mistakes will make you look dumb before Readers and Grammatical Mistakes will totally change the meaning of your content. It will make your Content difficult to understand. So take care about such mistakes.

5) No Formatting

Not only your Blog should be user-friendly but your content should be easily readable too. If your content is not properly formatted then it will be difficult for readers to read it so they will just close the tab and leave. Make sure that your content is fully visible.

7) Keywords Stuffing

It not only annoys your readers but will also make you look suspicious in front of Google.There are now things like Keyword Density that determine the quality of your Blog. So if you are used to stuff your content with keywords then you better stop otherwise Google will penalize your Blog.

8) Being Selfish

Writing for Search Engines , not giving useful information , putting so many affiliate links , pushing readers to become your referrals , betraying them by writing false reviews etc. As you know that Content is the King, so you should really give importance to it. Content can make or break your Blogging Career , it can make you a hero in the eyes of readers and it may also go other way around. Always care about your readers if you want them read your Content and stay on your Blog forever.

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7 thoughts on “Things that Completely Destroy your Content”

    1. What do you mean by important?

      Keyword Stuffing is bad for SEO , Google thoroughly checks if your content has keywords stuffed in it or not. It was used to be working in past but now it has become a part of negative SEO. (Black Hat Technique)

  1. Thanks for the good post. The post regarding content always helpful as content has become king for search engine. So this post really helpful in improving my content writing strategy

  2. hi bro i have a question if i publish 5+ quality posts per day on my blog than how much traffic i will get per day.

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