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Tips To Improve Alexa Ranking of Your Website or Blog

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Alexa is most important factor after Google Pagerank, Generally Alexa is an online website that shows the popularity of your blog or website. Alexa play very critical role now a day to compete in blogging world. It’s desire of every blogger to get high alexa ranking quickly. So, here i will explain you that how you can improve Alexa ranking of your Website or Blog.

Why Alexa Ranking is Important:

There are lot of advantages of having high Alexa ranking. If you have high alexa rank, then you can win the confidence of your visters. If you want to sell ad space in you blog, then alexa also play very important role there. Even every advertiser use Alexa rank to determine the popularity of your blog or website and on stats of Alexa they decide to advertise or not. Even every blogger notice Alexa ranking before submitting you guest post. So, having high alexa rank is much important to become a successful blogger.

Improve Alexa Ranking

If you know that i started my this blog just four months ago. Now you can check that my Alexa rank is under 19k with in four months, that Alexa rank is dream of every blogger. Lot of bloggers ask me that how quickly you improve Alexa ranking? Honestly i have no magic stick to do so, there are some tips & tricks to improve your alexa ranking that here i am going to share with you. Hope you guy will enjoy that.

1. Claim Your Site on Alexa

Best way to improve ranking is claim your website on Regester on and claim your blor or website. This will really help you to boost your Alexa ranking.

2. Install Alexa Widget on Your Blog

Lot of bloggers says that Alexa ranks the website by the numbers of hits pass through their system but not a 100% sure that it helps. Anyhow, lot of pro bloggers using Alexa widget on their blogs, so there is defeinatly some advantage of having Alexa widget.

3. Ever Green Contents

Always publish fresh and unique contetns on your blog that force your readers to say waoooo!. Never publish copyright or irrelevant material on your blog. If you want to improve alexa ranking then put helful, informative and shareable contetns.

4. Update Regularly

Best way to improve alexa ranking. Alexa like regular updated website just like Google. As i mention above that write quality contetns not quantity. You need to provide best quality then Alexa will boost like anything.

5. Write About Alexa Rank

It’s magic tip to improve Alexa ranking, Have you ever try this tip? If not then apply now you will see magic. Write an article about alexa or Alexa review and link it with

6. Use Social Networking And Bookmarking

Some social bookmarking or Social networking wesbites can really help you to improve alexa ranking, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Gogle+, Pinterst, As you know that Facebook is most popular social networking website, so foucus on it and share you link on your own wall, Join popular Facebook groups and share you links there.

7. Guest Posting

Guest posting is also best and genuine way to improve alexa ranking. Write guest post for high PR and high alexa rank websites and create backlink with them. Before sumitting guest post to anyone analyise website first, always write for reletive, High Page rank, and well reputed websites. So this can also help you to increase blog traffic as well as Alexa rank.

8. Build Quality Backlinks

Maximun number of backlinks can help you to achive higher alexa rank. Make comment on other blogs and especially comment on commluv blogs as much you can and create backlink. High page rank backlinks can really help you to boost your website alexa ranking very quickly.

So there are tips in my mind to improve alexa ranking, i hope these tips will useful for you as well, if you have any tip about alexa ranking, must share with us. Please take a few seconds to share with your friends.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion and do me a one more favor may i add a tab on my website for e.g. About Alexa (this is the tab name) and then post the content on this tab. Is it write otherwise please give me suggestion.


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