Overlooked Tips to Earn Online Through Blogs

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Blogging is a largely practiced online activity currently. Did you know you can make money through blogging? Most bloggers do not know that it’s possible to earn money by being a blogger. Mainly, people blog to just pass information in a discursive forum online. Most blogging pages however like WordPress offers the capability to activate or deactivate money making elements in your blogs.

Discussed below are some tips that when applied, would earn you money through blogging.

Product sales

product sales

If your blog is out to promote some goods or services you are offering, then it is highly capable of earning you money. A product selling blog needs to be aimed at a certain niche in the market. This means, specializing in a product that is highly sellable but has less market competition. One can also ensure their blogs are more outstanding than other similar product providers. The choice of words and content is also a key point for one to make sales through blogging. Incorporate good product images and instructions in your blogs. Provision or inclusion of discounts and commissions will lead to a larger sale.

Affiliate marketing in your blog

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in a blog is a high way to earn cash through blogging. This practice involves a blogger including promotional materials for other companies in their blogs, for example banners. After incorporation of the marketing materials, a blogger can charge the company being promoted an agreed commission for every successful marketing. This practice just requires for one to be tactful and have sharp marketing skills.

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Blog writing

blog writing

Bloggers have a wide field of services whey can offer. Being a blogger allows you to earn money thorough the simple practice of blogging. As a blogger, one can provide blog writing services to other bloggers at a fee. This practice is highly similar to online writing. It is also an easy way to make money since one can write on different diverse topics for other bloggers. This is also the simplest method of earning money through blogging, as not much technicality is involved. Market the blog writing services in your blogs and soon you gain traffic. In a personal blog, one can also offer to write for other bloggers and either post the information on the writers’ blog or provide links to the other blogger’s blogs at a fee.


blog advertising

Contextual advertising is a highly overlooked method of online money making. This is a process of placing adverts for other companies in your blog. A blogger can chose the type of adverts to place in their blogs at a fee charged to the owning company. This adverts are meant to promote the advertising company through a blog. They draw traffic and eventually sales to the company, which is why the blogger is paid.

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Cost per action or CPA advertising


In blogging, there is a feature referred to as CPA or cost per action. This is a special kind of marketing aimed at a specific action to be achieved through the advert. For example, a CPA advert may aim at gaining blog traffic or making a sale. Through a blogger, once the CPA intended action has been achieved, the blogger is paid a certain pre-agreed amount of money. Cost per action advertising method requires good advertising and marketing skills. This method is however not largely exploited by many bloggers. I is an easy way to gain and earn money if well handled through online blogging.

Reader donations 

make donation

Being a blogger one needs to have a wide reader’s base. Providing such a group with the relevant information through your blog is a form of service provision. Through this, a blogger can incorporate not direct charges for information, but a donation platform in their blogs. One can have a platform that asks for donations from readers for regular information, earning money online. In a blog, it is also possible to have exclusive information that one pays for before downloading it. This earns money for bloggers online.

Most bloggers just post their information without charging or including online money making elements in their blogs. For one to make money through blogging online, one has to have in place some measures or elements. For example, a blogger has to have a reasonable number of active readers. One also has to identify a market niche which will make their blogs more popular in order to make money. Such market niches should be less applied by most bloggers. This will in turn ensure that your niche has less competition.

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