Make More With Amazon Affiliates

Powerful And Proven Tips To Make More With Amazon Affiliates

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For several years, the Amazon affiliate program has provided me the bulk of my online income. I truly believe it’s the best affiliate program out there for physical products.

The commission starts low at 4 percent, but you only have to sell six products to get to 6 percent commission. Once you get a decent amount of traffic, you’ll find that it’s really not that difficult to get to 8 percent commission.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about making money with Amazon’s affiliate program, and today, I want to share a few of my top tips, so you can make MORE money from the program.

These tips are great for those who’re already part of the program, but they’re also extremely useful for those who wish to join the program in the future. I’ve used these tips for all of my Amazon affiliate niche sites.


Get More Traffic

This might seem like an obvious tip, and it really is. Want to know the most effective way to increase Amazon affiliate earnings?

The answer is to get more traffic. At the end of the day, making money with the Amazon affiliate program, or any other affiliate program, is a game of numbers.

In other words, the more targeted clicks you deliver to Amazon, the more sales you’ll make, and with more sales, comes more total commissions. Every single click that you send to Amazon is a chance to make a sale.

A lot of affiliates have trouble when trying to increase their income. When you remember that it all comes down to numbers, you can focus more on getting more traffic, which will increase your income.

Make More With Amazon Affiliates

Make Visitors Trust You

Here is a VERY important tip, but you might be asking yourself what it actually means. It’s sort of vague to say ‘make visitors trust you’, but the good news is that there are several different ways to do this. Do you know why Amazon is the most successful ecommerce website on the Internet?

The #1 factor that keeps Amazon at the top is trust. Over time, they’ve built a massive brand, and it’s so powerful that people just automatically trust Amazon. As an affiliate for the company, you get to automatically benefit from the trust of the Amazon brand.

This is very useful after visitors leave your site. However, many affiliates underestimate the trust factor of their own sites. When a visitor arrives at your site, they will leave immediately if they don’t trust it.

The two major factors that influence trust on your own website are design and content quality. You should take the opportunity to wow your visitors in both of these departments.

You can start with the design. Make sure your website has a clean, professional logo. Make sure the colors are coordinated and check to make sure the overall design of the site looks professional. There is really no excuse to have an ugly, dysfunctional site in 2015.

Visitors will run for the hills if your website looks like it was made by a five-year-old. To build trust, quality content is important. Make sure your content is grammatically correct and useful. Also make sure that it’s written by someone who speaks the native language.

For example, if your site mainly targets people who live in the United Kingdom, make sure your articles are written by someone who speaks the language fluently.

The same goes for the United States. In most cases, you’ll want to hire an American writer over someone who lives in a third-world country because it’s likely they’ll be able to write better.

When it comes down to it, trust is critical for any affiliate site. With hundreds of thousands of new websites going online every single day, trust is more important than ever before.

You’ll find that your conversion rate will be much higher when you invest some time or money into making sure your affiliate site instantly conveys trust to every visitor.


Targeting the Right Intent

When you’re building out an affiliate site or targeting new keywords with an existing site, it’s very important to pay attention to the intent behind each keyword.

The intent behind the keywords that you target has a massive impact on the conversion rate experienced by visitors who enter your site for said keywords. You should always target keywords that have buyer intent.

In other words, target keywords that show the visitor is far along in the buying cycle. As long as your site has some solid links pointing at it, one of the best ways to increase your Amazon affiliate commissions is to add new content that targets buyer keyword phrases.

To do this, you really have to ask yourself what the intent is behind every keyword that you target. The Amazon affiliate program doesn’t work too well with purely informational keywords.

If you write content that targets informational keywords, you will get a few sales, but the number of sales and conversion rate will be nothing like what you can get from writing content targeting buyer keywords.


Pay Attention to Relevancy

Although this is sort of common sense, it’s an incredibly valuable tip, and it’s one that I messed up on a lot when I was first starting out. What this means is that you need to promote products that are relevant to your audience.

For example, you wouldn’t promote vacuum cleaners to an audience that is coming to your website to look at auto parts. You have to really understand what your website is about and always promote products that are directly or semi-related to your niche.

Keep in mind that you can promote products that are semi-related to your niche and still get decent conversions. The most important part is making sure the semi-related products solve some sort of problem that is related to your niche.

Let’s say your site is about BBQ. Maybe a common problem faced while barbecuing is insects. You could write a post that talks about the top five bug zappers or insect repellants to use while barbecuing.

What this does is allow you to promote unrelated products because you’re tying them into your niche through problem solving. I sincerely hope these tips help you to increase your Amazon affiliate income because I know they’ve worked very well for me.

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  1. Hi Waqas,

    What a comprehensive and detailed post once again regarding proven tips to make more mony with Amazon Affiliate. You have shared with us some lucrative tips which help out blogger to go through and make more with Amazon Affilite.

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  2. Hi, Waqas That’s is a great article. Previously I’m working on it but I have completed two years after that my Amazon Account is automatically disabled. After read, you complete article I will try Again.

  3. Hi Waqas,
    From the last one year, I’m making a 3 figure from Amazon through one of my Amazon Affiliate Marketing Niche Blog. It is really not too hard to make money from Amazon Affiliate if we focus on Search Traffic and provide honest review to our readers.
    Anyway, Thanks for sharing these awesome tips to make more money from Amazon Affiliate.

  4. Brother why you have no google adsense account? what is the reason behind this. please Explain. some people are saying then adsense is ban in its true?

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