Tips to Write WordPress Posts

10 Tips to Write WordPress Posts That Rank Well

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Tips to Write WordPress Posts

Key thing to win the race is getting organic traffic. Organic traffic mean getting visitors from search engine whether related to blogging, fashion, product reviews or any other. It depends on which type of posts you have on your blog. Getting targeted organic search engine traffic will help you get more unique visitors and earn more money.

How is it possible to get more organic traffic?

We have heard lot about organic traffic but people still looking to know how to get more organic traffic from search engine?

Are you?

Writing article on any topic not a big deal but how to write it awesomely that rank easily. There are few techniques that we need to follow to rank our article at first page of Google.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to write blog posts (and even pages) that rank well in search engines for any niche.

1) Start with keyword-rich topics

The very first step is keyword research. To make your blog post more and more powerful, then you will have to do proper research to pick relevant and rich keyword. There are lot of methods and techniques to extract keywords for your blog posts.

If you have paid version of any keyword research tool like Long Tail Pro, wordtracker, wordstream or any other because there are thousands of best keyword research tools that can help you to extract list of keywords.

Google Keyword Planner is also a good tool for initial keyword research. By using this tool, you can see total search, suggested bid, average competition and many more.

But let’s move to advance keyword research.

There are a number of ways to generate content ideas for your blog but here what I suggest you.

1. Find out Q&A sites.
2. Find out most discussed topic.
3. Pick out 2 or 3 keywords from there, e.g ‘How to Do Email Marketing Gets Us More Traffic & Sales?’
Let’s suppose this question is most popular question of any Q&A site. Simply pick up keyword from here like “Email Marketing” and clone this keyword like this:

“Email Marketing”
“Email Marketing Tips”
“Best Email Marketing Strategies”
“Email Marketing Services”

These are few more keywords that I generated from a single keyword. Now you can use these keywords into your article to make it easier to rank in search engine.

Top 10 Best Q&A Sites:


This is how you can do a proper keyword research. Now make a list of keywords and it’s time to move next.

2) Create a keyword-rich title

When you search anything in Google or any other search engine, then you will get just title of a webpage there not anything else. If your webpage has an eye catching title, then user will be bound to click on your website URL.

Another thing, search engines give more value to your page title than just about any other variable.

When you write a title of your post, remember few things in your mind.

1. Place keyword in title: The first and more important step is that you have to make adjustment of your keyword in main title. If it is possible to place in the begging of your title, then it’s more valuable but there is no hard and fast rule that keyword must be in the begging of title.

2. Eye Catching: Title must be attractive and well formed. Try to add informal stuff words like “Top 10” “Best Tips” “Year (2015)” etc. This will help to get more clicks on your post.

3. To short or to long: Page title shouldn’t be too long or too short, because both are danger zones.

3) Install SEO Plugin

wordpress SEO by Yoast

Doing SEO and obviously SEO plugin is very important here. There are so many plugins are available in SEO WordPress directory but I would recommend you to use WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin.

Yoast is a one of the most popular and top rated SEO plugin with over 1 Million downloads.
This plugin enables to configure many SEO features. Yoast helps us to add meta title, meta keyword, meta description and more important is SEO Score.

Read: Yoast SEO Settings: How to Install & Set Up

4) Headings

Headings in SEO

According to my own observation, 85% people do not read your whole article, they just read your headings and sub heading. Your every article must have proper h1, h2, h3 and paragraph tag.

Make sure if you are able to add your main targeted keyword in headings, then it’s more valuable and easier to rank in search engine.

5) Permalink Optimization

permalink optimization in wordpress

I found many and many people making permalink mistake. There is no rocket science to optimize your permalinks. If you are using CMS like WordPress, then it’s lot easier to optimize your permalinks. Ugly URL’s like, this type of URL’s are bad for both search engine and user experience as well.

Another thing, you need to make your permalinks short enough. Here I’m going to show you two examples:

1. – Bad
2. – Good

These are just two examples that I show. So, try to make your link more nice and short.

6) Images Optimization

Images plays very important role to make your post more read and share-able. What does I mean by images optimization?

1. Re-sizing images: If you have large scale images, then must re-size them according to your need before uploading to your WordPress. High size and high quality images can increase website loading time.

2. Alt and Description: When you upload images to WordPress, then there is an option to add alt tag and description tag to image. You must add your targeted keyword as an alt tag with your image in a post.

Read: How to Optimize Images for Better Search Engine Rankings

7) Keyword Density – Dead or Alive?

I added this here because lot of people are still confused about keyword density. Keyword density gets a bit of focus because it relates to the old saying, “Too much of a good thing.” What is density? It is simply how many times your targeted keyword is used in post.

Listen what Mattcutts says about Keyword density:

What is Keyword density according to me?

Google become more advance now, keyword stuffing is not possible in dream now. So, if you are still looking for Keyword density, then you are killing yourself. Make your article natural and if Keyword density is equal to 10%, no need to be worried about this, but if you have 1% unnatural Keyword density, then you are inviting Google algorithm to have a dinner with you.

8) Bold, Italic and Underline on Keywords

Google will give more value if you used keyword in bold or italic form. Do this at different occurrence of your focused keyword.

9) Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords

meta title meta description

If you are using any SEO plugin in WordPress, then there will be an option to add all these things. SEO by yoast is a best SEO plugin to optimize your WordPress website and post’s as well.

Post title: How your reader will see the post. Keep post titles less than 66 characters and above than 40 characters.

Post meta title: What search engines will see and show in the search result. Keep post description less than 155 words and try to add your targeted keyword in your meta description as well.

Meta Keywords: You can add 5-7 keywords related to your article.

10) Interlinking within a post with anchor text

Internal Linking Strategies

Interlinking of blog post is one important strategy of on page SEO. Interlinking will help you to pass link juice. To make your On Page SEO strong, you should have proper internal linking between your old blog posts.


These are some untapped WordPress blog post writing tips that can help you to rank your page easily. I’m not saying that by using just these tips you will be direct on first page, but these are some good SEO strategies to write a SEO friendly WordPress post.

I hope you love to read this article. If you have any question, please must drop below in comment.

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2 thoughts on “10 Tips to Write WordPress Posts That Rank Well”

  1. Waqas,

    Nice Post. Since I started linking to people and tools, I’m observing more attention from readers. I think you should do the same (if you want, of course)…

    It sends others a signal that you highlighted them in your content, if nothing great happens, at least you will increase a few visitors on your blog.

  2. Thanks for this clear and useful information! I would suggest that most bloggers not only run their work by someone first, before publishing, but that they find a person that is very literate and understands the proper usage of the language they are using, in my case, English. For instance, if the person doesn’t understand the difference between ‘to’, ‘too’ (as in also, very), and two (meaning the number 2), you have someone that will not be able to render an educated opinion for your blog work, and probably will not understand how to make the writing flow smoothly as it is read. Unfortunately, this appears to be most people nowadays, even many newspaper and magazine writers. Thanks!

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