Top 10 Best Adsense Alternatives in 2016

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Making money with Adsense getting hard and hard and defiantly its time to find the best Adsense alternative that must double your earning comparing to Adsense.

Undoubtedly  adsense is a best network to make money, but getting Adsense account is not easy for new bloggers.

I have listed top 10 best and high paying Google Adsense alternatives in 2016.

Adsense Alternatives
Google Adsense Alternatives

All these networks are ranked according to the feedback and reviews by the bloggers.

  1. Kajamba


  3. Infolinks

  4. Chitika

  5. Adversal

  6. Clicksor

  7. Bidvertiser

  8. Qadabra

  9. Skimlinks

  10. Viglinks

These are the best alternatives to Adsense currently. They are not paying exactly like Adsense but if you want to make some money with your website, then these are the networks that can really help you to make extra money through your website by showing their ads.

Which one you should choose from these 10?

Well, there are lot of people who try so many networks and at the end they couldn’t make enough money. Choosing the right network is the crucial part while it comes to showing advertisement on your blog or website.

Kajamba is one of the best and high paying adsense alternative if you are getting good traffic on your website and don’t have Adsense account. Kajamba is emerging Ad network and comparatively leading in the industry with the best performance.

Why Kajamba?

Now the question is why you should choose the Kajamba for your website. Here are some points that you should know before joining the Kajamba network.

  • High paying
  • Good CPC
  • Easy payment
  • Fast support
  • Easy to work
  • Elegant dashboard
  • Up to date information
  • No requirements

These are the recommendation by most of the webmasters toward Kajamba and that’s why its leading in the list of Adsense alternatives.

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Your views

Do you have any experience with these networks? Please share your idea with us so we can keep updating this list according to the feedback of bloggers.

Don’t forget to share with those who really want to make some extra money with their website or blog.

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