Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India

Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India 2017 [Updated]

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Google Adsense is most recommended Advertising program all over the internet, Much earning is a desire of everyone but it demand more efforts, without effort you can not achieve even single goal, it is true that blogging is very good passion but it need also work like passion. I personally feel very essential to give you list of top earners in India from them you can inspire because lot of newbie’s starts blogging career but after few months or after a year they feel to leave blogging career, so work hard, keep going I think not soon but defiantly you will touch the sky in blogging ….
Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India
NOTE: The Google Adsense earnings of Indians posted here are just an estimate based on traffic, PR, Alexa Rank and other Ranks to the blogs, it is meant to inspire other bloggers to work towards creating better blogs and hence earning more from these better blogs.

 1. Amit Agarwal of


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About Blog:

Niche: Technology
Page Rank: 6 

Alexa Rank: 2898 (Global) 

Alexa Rank: 360 (India) 

Monthly Adsense Earning :– 40,000$

2. Amit Bhawani of

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About Blog:

Niche: Technology & Blogging 

Page Rank:

Alexa: 51129 (Global) 

6397 (India) 

Monthly Adsense Earning :– 20,000$

3. Harash Agarwal of

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About Blog:

Niche: Technology And Social Media 

Page Rank:

Alexa: 4272 (Global) 398 (India) 

Monthly Adsense Earning :– 13,000$

4. Jaspal Singh of

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About Blog:

Niche:  Designing And Affiliates 

Page Rank:

Alexa: 20318 (Global) 2304 (India) 

Monthly Adsense Earning :– 11,000$

5. Arun Prabhudesai of

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About Blog:

Niche: Business,Marketing And Trends 

Page Rank:

Alexa: 17308 (Global) 1361 (India) 

Monthly Adsense Earning :– 9,000$

6. Nirmal Balachandran of

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About Blog:

Niche: Computers Tricks And Tech 

Page Rank:

Alexa: 38714 (Global) 6264 (India) 

Monthly Adsense Earning :– 5000$

7. Rohit Langde of

top indian, top 10 blog

About Blog:

Niche: Computer , Soft wares And Blogging 

Page Rank:

Alexa: 47954 (Global) 6112 (India) 

Monthly Adsense Earning :– 8500$

8. Rahul Bansal of

top bloggers, indian top 10 blogs

About Blog:

Niche: Computer , Softwares , Mobiles And Social Trends 

Page Rank:

Alexa: 31535 (Global) 5331 (India) 

Monthly Adsense Earning :– 7000$

9. Honey Singh of

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About Blog:

Niche: WordPress,Online Earnings And Blogging 

Page Rank:

Alexa: 271, 768 (Global) 30928 (India) 

Monthly Adsense Earning :– 6000$

10. Raju PP of

top 10 indian blogger

About Blog:

Niche: Technology 

Page Rank:

Alexa: 24990 (Global) 3600 (India) 

Adsense Earning: 10000$/Year

You are not in this list ? It’s ok boss don;t mind, they people are very hard worker nothing more, they don’t have magic stick, so if you word hark, keep working i can sure you one can top all of them, so we respect all of you, if any one name miss here so please don’t mind because we rank them on the basis of Google PR and Alexa Rank, so if you feel you should in top 10 list so please comment in comment box So that when we update our next list your name should included in this list.

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52 thoughts on “Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India 2017 [Updated]”

  1. I have made friends with 3 persons you mentioned here. Its amazing to know how they earn so much but all credit must go to them as their sites are very popular.

    All the best to them

  2. google deactivated my clean site account 5 times. the top earners shown here belong to either software field or having gadget blogs. The mails i recd from google is they are deactivating my account to protect the interests of their advertisers…..Google adsense big earners are only those who run gadget sites or software technology sites.

    WHAT does it mean..does google protecting the advertisers interests…”??? NO…the advertisers who wish to sell on other type of sites……where they would go…

    what i mean to emphasize just because of greed of few people google is manipulating.. why dont we people have our network of advertisement….where directly we can communicate i.e. advertisers…and the publishers….

  3. Good article. At least you have perfectly mentioned the around earnings from these bloggers. I have seen in many articles, the earning figures are not well analysed.

    Best of luck.

  4. It was better if you arrange the rank according to their earnings. Also your’s Blog rank is better than some of them. So how much you get from Adsense. And How is your ads going? Is it a crap bcuz I dropped it from my site due to poor earning.

  5. hi, very nice info, I want to know ur website ranking is also good, so how much u earn from adsesns, pls share with us , so we also feel confidence that we can also do good in this field.

  6. Blogger’s always need to know the new faces with their performance and ranking,
    pls suggest to add some more new data to readers,
    Nice posts with such info, thanks

  7. yes you are right nothing impossible, work hard and you will find your goals .
    but i wonder how you aren’t earning any money form this blog i see its really good site and i like it

  8. Majharul Hossain

    Interesting to read this type of articles! It’s no doubt that this type of articles encourages lots of people to involve in blogging every day!

  9. Google has helped million people through Adsense around the world. Anyway, thank you Mr Ahmed for sharing this inspiring information, best of luck 🙂

  10. Thanks for this information.. before that i know only famous blog of labnol and shoutmeloud. Now got it more information from your blog. Also most of your blog is very useful for improve my blogs traffic.

  11. These people are always on the top position and will always remain I think because time is the main factor. They started blogging years ago and now they are well established. They are also inspiration for new bloggers.

  12. First of all thanks for sharing the list of adsense earner, but these amount are total collection by different source like affi marking, not only through adsense

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