B2B Channel Optimization

4 Ways For Your B2B Channel Optimization

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B2B Channel Optimization

YouTube receives over 1 billion visitors every month. It is one of the top websites for distribution of videos. However, all the traffic goes directly to YouTube for getting information. How do you, as a B2B company, direct this traffic to your website?

Unless you can draw viewers to your website which features content that you own, you cannot be sure that they are getting to know more about your company, its brands, or its services. Viewers can very easily get distracted on YouTube due to the plethora of information available in captivating forms. If this happens, you will not get enough leads that have the potential to convert.

Here are 4 deceptively simple techniques in which you can optimize your YouTube channel to get people to view your website:

1. Link to your social channels

This tip is used almost invariably by all businesses. You can add your social channel links on your YouTube channel and display them in such a way that viewers can directly see them. In addition, you can also add your company’s website address.

Although this may seem a little too simple, this tip will ensure that your customers are able to easily find your website and obtain more information about your services and offerings. Via social channels, you can quickly get subscribers or followers who want to hear about your newest offerings and want to view every new video release.

2. Use CTA overlays

CTA overlays refer to small banner-like advertisements that show up at the bottom of the video. Using these CTA overlays, you can link back to your website or your blog from the video.

The concept of CTA overlays is not new but many people have not heard of them and will find them engaging. However, the CTA overlays are not available free of cost so before you begin adding them to your videos, determine the amount of money you can afford to spend.

3. Make a call to action at the end of the content

An effective way to mobilize your viewers is to add a CTA at the end of the video. This CTA could just be a statement at the end of the video that says “For additional information, visit our website at” with the link to the website.

You should definitely add a CTA to your channel’s featured video. But, you can also add a CTA to your behind-the-scenes video, team interviews, and product videos in order to direct more viewers to your website.

4. Use the description box

The description box provided for a video is meant for you to write a keyword-rich and SEO optimized description. You can also use it to add links back to your website that talks about the topic of the video. This is an effective tactic to get the customer or the viewer to know more about your product or service. Once the viewer has been suitably engaged by the video, he will naturally want to get more information about you if he likes what he has seen.

This technique also works for people who write blogs. If you have a blog post that deals with a similar theme as that of the video, then you can place a link in the description box that will lead the viewer to the blog.

Ensure that you place your link at the top of the description box because you cannot depend on the fact that everyone will click on “Show more” to see the entire text in the box. To lead the traffic from YouTube to your website or blog, the previously mentioned tips should

work effectively. These tactics are simple, yet will help you increase revenues. The goal of putting up videos on YouTube is to draw the traffic watching these videos to your website using some sort of optimization technique. On your website, find more ways to capture the attention of your audience and persuade them to avail of your offerings. Strategic pre-roll advertisements can also be used on YouTube to lead traffic to your website.

Here is really cool infographic as well to explain you little more about YouTube business channel optimization, i hope you will love to read this infographic as well.
Brafton's Infographic: Top 10 Ways to Optimize Your Business YouTube Channel

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