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WordPress Plugins To Install When You Accept Guest Posting

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Accepting guest posts sounds great on paper. You get most of the credit, do none of the work, and still manage to provide content for your readers to enjoy while you’re having fun somewhere in an undisclosed location. Sadly, this is definitely not the case. This is as far from the truth as a girl’s photo shopped profile picture on Facebook is from her real face. Accepting guest posts is a lot of work and requires a lot of time. I mean, sure, you’re not writing the content, but all of a sudden your inbox is flooded with requests and you have to go through all of them, read them, accept or decline them, schedule them for publishing if you’ve accepted them, returning them to the author with a positive feedback if you’ve rejected them; and that’s if you run a small blog. It’s a nightmare when compared to what it seems. It’s still worth it a lot, don’t get me wrong. But also, don’t think that it’s just sunshine, rainbows, puppies and bunnies.

WordPress Plugins

Lucky for you, WordPress is a very good blogging platform and odds are you are using just that. WordPress is great per se, but when you add the bonus of the tons of useful plugins it gives you an access to, it becomes truly magnificent. Here are some of the most useful plugins you can use when you’re accepting guest posts on your blog.


Peter’s Collaboration Emails

For Pete’s sake, this is one of the best plugins you can use when you’re accepting guest blogs. This masterpiece of 1s and 0s will make your life so much easier that you’re going to wonder how have you ever lived without it. The plugin works very well with your WordPress dashboard. When you install it, it notifies you when someone posts a blog for review and let’s you read and manage it, as if it were your own draft. Once you’re done reviewing, you can directly publish it, “throw” it in the trash or simply return it with a feedback, the author is directly notified of your decision. Furthermore, once the post is published and someone decides to comment on it, the author is also notified. It makes it so much easier to accept guest posts it’s almost unimaginable.

This plugin works even better when combined with anther one – Peter’s Post Notes. Peter’s Post Notes enables you to… Well, leave notes on the posts you’re editing. This way it’s even easier for you to inform authors what needs to be changed in their posts in order to sit well with you. You can even leave notes for multiple authors and groups. It’s really neat. 

Dashboard Pending Review

This is a simple plugin that works very well with your Dashboard by filtering the submitted posts. This way you won’t have to do it manually so, you know, it saves you work. There isn’t much more I can say about this plugin, really. It’s really, really simple.

SI Captcha

Albeit not essential, this is a very useful tool for bloggers who accept guest posts. Since you will probably be facing a lot of spam, this plugin will ensure that you can easily deal with it. Usually when you accept guest posts, you have to enable registration and as a natural consequence, you get lots of spam registrations, as well. This plugin will prevent that and will make sure that you only get real registrations.

These are the WordPress plugins I think you need if you accept guest posts. Use them wisely. Live long and prosper!

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