Effective SEO Content

Write Effective SEO Content Through These Eight Tips

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Writing for search engines is no walk in the park. This is the reason why companies spend a fortune in paying for people who could help them raise their ranks in the Internet. However, what they don’t realize is that everybody can do search engine optimization content  writing, given that they know these seven tips.

Effective SEO Content

SEO content writing is all about providing quality posts to both human readers and web crawlers. Read these eight tips and learn how to practice this craft yourself.

Quality comes first

A search engine ranks a page based on it’s relevance to human readers. This simply means that people must find your articles useful before Google and the likes give you a decent rank.

Try to make sure that every posts that appears on your blog, page or site is of top-notch quality. Proofread the body and see to it that every sentence helps in discussing the topic at hand. Keep in mind that content will forever reign as king in the cyber space.

Keyword spamming is more trouble than it’s worth

Keywords are terms that human readers use in order to search for a particular topic. For starters, a student who is looking for essay tips will type “writing an essay” in his/her search bar. Thus, keyword research is vital in the field of search engine optimization.

However, beware because numerous updates were implemented by search engines in order to penalize sites that practice keyword spamming in their content. A good SEO content writer knows how to use keywords moderately. An ideal post will have a keyword every 50 to 100 words.

Write headlines that hook

The first thing that human readers and bots read in your work is the headline.No one would be attracted to an article that starts off with a boring title. To put it bluntly, an interesting head line is important in piquing the attention of your audience.

A good way of learning how to write headlines yourself is by reading the daily paper. Publication houses has long perfected the art of headline writing and so, taking cues from them will certainly put you ahead of the curve in no time.

Plagiarism is a big NO

Search engines hate plagiarized works. If you think you can get away by copying another person’s post and then editing some parts, better think again. Stealing anything on the Internet is a surefire way of giving your site and your career (both as ablogger or web master) a quick end.

The only way to win on the world wide web is by writing your own material. Show your originality and veer away from intellectual theft. Plagiarism isn’t just worth it!

Target your audience and create a niche for yourself

Indeed, you can’t please every web user in a single article. In fact, some might even bash your work regardless of how hard you work on it. The best way to get as much hits as you can in the Internet is to target your audience and write with a niche in mind.

Be as specific as you can be when you’re choosing your audience. Some factors to consider are age group, preferences and beliefs. Furthermore, select a niche that’s close to your heart. In this way, you’ll be able to express yourself easier.

Fill the shoes of your would-be readers

In-lieu with the second tip, try to ask yourself which queries your readers will be making when they are trying to locate a certain piece of information on the web. Visualize the queries people will be making and use those words, phrases and sentences in your article.

You can also experiment by trying out various queries yourself. Experiment and see which terminologies will be most appealing to your readers.

Images make a difference

One of the wrong things that newbie web masters and bloggers do nowadays is using an inappropriate image that goes with their post. Remember that there are some readers out there who puts weight in the pictures they see while reading. As the old saying goes, a picture pains a thousand words.

Moreover, read the fourth tip and apply it here as well. Never use images that aren’t yours. Seek permission and give credit to whom credit is due.

Meta descriptions are a must

A meta description is a 150 character explanation of what your article is all about. Writing meta descriptions will help your post to be recognized by search engines a lot easier and eventually adds value to your content. Create an attractive summary of your article and people will pay more attention to your work.

Good SEO content writing isn’t something you’re going to perfect within a matter of days. However, practice will surely make you better over time. Apply the above mentioned tips in your future endeavors and you will no longer find yourself slouching in the web ranks.

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  1. This is fantastic as usual! Just took an awesome post for myself then shared and tweeted. I have just gone through the guide and it’s really awesome.

    Really fabulous and awesome post.Thanks for sharing your guide. I always love getting freebies and this one will definitely help me out with my own blogs. Impressed me a lot. I like it much.

    I always looking for such great and fabulous posts like this. No doubt this will help me to improve my skills and knowledge.Always enjoy your posts.

    Thanks so much !!!

  2. I have gone through all of your article. I have to say, You have shared very good tips to write quality content. After Google’s latest updates, Content has become a king in seo world. It is very important these days to write quality, unique and powerful content. Your article is very helpful for novice as well as professional content writers. Keep up the good work.

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